Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tried and Tested...Condition your hair with...

It may seem like I went a bit crazy with the conditioners but trust me it was worth it. Last year I was suffering from dry damaged hair which was falling out in clumps. Since alot of it has to do with internal factors such as emotion, stress and nutrition you can help maintain your hair from the outside. I found these products on my search to get my hair back in shape. My hair is approximately 60cms long (nearly up to my waist) and I have to say it has never felt so healthy and strong.

I started off by using the Retread conditioner from LUSH (one of my absolute favourite stores), I found that this was a brilliant natural conditioner as my hair felt really soft and light after washing. I loved the smell of it, as it contains lavender it was very soothing. How to use it: I washed my hair with one of LUSHs shampoos, then semi dried my hair placed a large proportion of the conditioner on my hair going from the roots to the tip of the hair and clipped for around 5 minutes and then washed it out. You can see the results immediately. However, I used this conditioner as a 'spa' treatment for the hair and not on a regular basis.

The two products from Organix are amazing! Absolutely worth the buy. I switch them around depending on what I feel. The coconut one is by far the best for dry hair, I noticed results immediately! My hair was silkier and shinier. Passionfruit Guava is also an amazing conditioner but I did not notice any results which would want me to go purchase it again. The scent is really fruity which I love, especially for the summer months.

The next two conditioners are by JOICO. I actually found out about these through the utube beauty gurus Blair and Elle Fowler. And to tell you honestly, I didnt like them at all! I experienced so much hair fall after using them that I had to discontinue use. I feel they have too many chemicals in them and when youre looking to moisturise your hair you should always go for something more natural.

Elvive is from L'oreal and is a deep conditioning mask that you place on your hair after shampooing. You leave it on for approximately 20 mins. I found this was a great conditioner on a monthly basis.

So which is the conditioner I would choose?
It would have to be the Organix coconut milk conditioner! My hair has never felt better and I would definitely go for another bottle once I am finished with this one.

Retread 3/5 stars
Passionfruit Guava 4/5
Coconut milk 5/5
Elviv 3/5

All these products were bought from my own money and all the reviews are my own honest opinion.

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