Monday, February 21, 2011

Dandruff? No thanks.

So you've been itching at your dry scalp for a while, youve tried almost anything and now youve resorted to wearing a hat/cap/beanie everywhere you go...well now I have the solution for that.

As most of you know after following my blog, I experienced a lot fo hairfall last year and one of the reasons was my dry, flaky scalp and trust me it was not attractive. So I went on the hunt to try out different things to restore the well being of my scalp.

1. T-Gel by Neutrogena

 So I was watching TV one day and an advert on this new product from neutrogena caught my eye. I immediately went out to get it. I have to say it took its time to work but when it did, it definitely reduced my dandruff and my scalp felt less itchy. I was only using this once a week not everyday because I found the fragrance of this product quite sickening. However, over time I found this was actually drying out my hair. So it did have its pros but it also had its cons. Its a great product, to start off with to reduce dandruff.

2. Hair Doctor by LUSH

I think I went through at least 3 tubs of this! This was the best remedy to restore my hair and scalp. It has peppermint in it which left my scalp tingling (in a good way). It had noticeable effects on reducing my dandruff! I loved using this product and after washing my hair felt so revitalised and soft. I don't use this product anymore since my hair has not had any major dramas but this is the first product I would turn to if you need some much needed TLC for your hair.

3. Natural Remedies
These are quick remedies which I used to nourish my dry scalp. These included:
  • to treat dry hair, massage olive oil into the hair; paying attention to the roots and tips of the hair, and wrap the hair in a warm towel. Leave for 1-3 hours and rise out with mild shampoo with added lemon juice.
  • Cider vinegar can be used to rise and conditiont he hair and to restore the pH balance of the scalp. For extra effect, herds such as rosermary, bay, sage and eucalyptus can be macerated in the vinegar.
These were quick and easy natural remedies I used to reduce my dandruff. Dandruff is mostly due to external factors as well as nutrition. Keep up with your 8 glasses of water a day and keep a healthy diet consisting of fruit and veggies and you wont have to click on this blog post again :).

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Keep Smiling :)


H Rija said...

Wow... this is an excellent review!


Artist by Design said...

No problems :) thanks for commenting and supporting my blog!

Andrea D said...

I most definitely need the Lush stuff..I been noticing little flakes in my hair and my hair is black Ya I need to get this asap

Thanks for following me hunni..i love your page


gingerSnaps said...

Nice review! I have a some flakes. I will try the products you mentioned above. Thanks for this.

Artist by Design said...

No problem, yeh I have dark hair as well and it isnt a good look if you have white flakes in your hair! Let me know how it goes for you!

Keep smiling :)

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