Monday, February 21, 2011

Tried and Tested...Hairsprays and Heat Protectors

Schwarzkopf 10 Carat Shine Range
I bought these products mid last year because I was lookin for some good hair sprays. I came across this range by Schwarzkopf. The hair spray provides 'extreme hold' and the gloss finish spray provides 'extra strong hold'. To be honest, I think if you have thick long hair like mine, this is false. The hair spray did not 'hold' my hair just made it crispy and hard. However it does add a really nice shine to your hair (but dont all hair sprays?). The gloss spray is great for simple looks such as straightening. It provides a bit of hold and decreases fly aways. There are two methods for using the spray; either you can spray it into the hair whilst wet if you want a shine to your hair after it dries or if you want it to work to hold your hair in place just style and spray. I used it after washing, and it made my hair smell amazing! It also did what it promised which was to add shine, which was a A++ for me!

Flat Iron by Special Effects
I came across this product when I was just looking through the shopping isles. The shape and colour of the bottle really caught my eye. I liked the design as it is similar to the chi chi designs (which are much more expensive). This is a heat protectant and promises to leave your hair silky smooth after ironing. I have to say that it does just that. Im not sure whether it actually 'protects' my hair from heat but my hair does feel very shiny after using this product when straightening or curling my hair.

Redken Satinwear
I found out about this product through the utube beauty guru Juicystar07 otherwise known as Blair. I blow dry my hair alot in the winters and wanted soemthing to protect my hair but at the same time leaving it looking healthy. The first time I tried this product on, I didnt like it. It was sticky and weighed down my hair. I tried it again and I experienced the same thing. After blow drying it did make my hair softer but I didnt feel any 'wow' factor in purchasing this product. I think there are better cheaper alternatives to buying heat protectants than this one. A plus point with this product is its smell but then dont most hair products smell nice?

Schwarzkopf 3/5 stars
Special Effects 3/5
Redken 2/5

Let me know what you have been using to protect your hair, leave a comment below!

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