Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Refreshing facepacks

I was able to get my hands on these 4 facepacks on a trip to Vietnam and I have to say they are so refreshing! Its one sheet per sachet. You place it on your face after cleansing so your face is clean to begin with. Then you place the mask on your face (they have cutouts for the eyes and mouth!). Leave it on for around 20 mins. You wash your face after removing the mask and your skin instantly feels refreshed. A plus point to these face masks is their soothing scent, which lingers on your skin for hours!

This is a great way to brighten your face up if you need to go somewhere in a rush. Another method to instantly add a glow to your face is to place half a cup of mashed avocado mixed with a teaspoon of honey and leave it on for 20 mins. Remove with luke warm water and moisturise and your face should feel like a million dollars!

I would rate these masks a 4/ 5 stars


Liz said...

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Artist by Design said...

Thankyou for following!!Check back for more reviews :)! Aah I didn't see the button let me check again :) and im definitely going to follow!

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