Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Earring Storage

This is how I store my earrings. I got a piece of foam like card which you can easily put your earrings into.
I also found this elephant earring stand at target. I thought it was very pretty (since I love elephants)! But it is not that conventional, you can't really put too many earrings on it (its more of a decorative piece).

How do you store your earrings?


H Rija said...

I used to use the foam method, but from a Chinese boutique my mom got me in a circular shaped stand - and it holds about 80 pairs earrings

(I really want to know where do you store you rings - have any tips on that - i just have them lying around)

Artist by Design said...

Oh really, that's cool. I might change my setting later but at the moment i am happy as it is :).

Guess what, I have mine lying around as well in a box. It's hard to store them because I have too many and they would take up too much room if I stored them individually!

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