Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I woke up this morning with such great news! Thankyou so much My Lyfe: My Story for nominating me for this award. As most of you can see from me "Archives" my blog is only 2 weeks old! I am very new to this and only just getting the hang of getting my way around.

So thankyou again to My Lyfe: My Story, for recognising my blog :). I love her style and I love her creativity in mixing colours and textures together! Thankyou to all my followers, readers and people who have commented, really loving the support!

I dont exactly know what youre supposed to do when you get this award but I am following My Lyfe: My Store as to the format of this, so bear with me! So youre supposed to share 7 things about yourself and share the award with recently discovered bloggers.

7 Things about me

1. LAW: I am currently in my final year of studying a Bachelor of Law (I have already completed my BCom). It may sound a bit wierd but I love reading and acquiring knowledge. The main reason I chose to do Law was to make a difference in this world. I know I am just one person but sometimes one person is all you need.
2. VEGETARIAN: I am a vegetarian and an animal lover. I have been a vegetarian all my life and I am a true believer for animal rights. So I only try to purchase products which have not been tested on animals and contain no animal products (whats worse than smearing fish scales on your face). I might get it wrong sometimes, but I try to do alot of research before I buy certain products to make sure they fit my requirement.

3. ART: I did Art in Year 12, which was quite a lot of work but was worth it because it made me forget about all my other subjects. In the end I was awarded the Overall Arts Student Award. Art is my passion, without it I don't think I could do anything. I think everyone has something they enjoy a lot and if you're able to make a job out of your passion, I dont think theres any better way to live your life.   

 4. ELEPHANTS: You'll see in my later posts yet to come, but I love all things elephant! They are my favourite animal. Whenever I see any elephant jewellery I HAVE to buy it. I have necklaces, earrings, key chains, rings, stuffed toys, paintings, jewellery boxes and the list goes on. On my recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was able to get up close to elephants because I was staying at a resort where the elephants roamed freely! How awesome is that!

5. TRAVELLING: I love to travel. Currently, I have been to 43 countries (and still counting). I love to experience new culture and see new things. I have seen wonders of the world like;  Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Pyramids, Niagra Falls, Eifel Tower, Acropolis  (may be more but I cant remember). The places I would love to visit is China and Antarctica. People think Im crazy for wanting to go to Antarctica, but I think it'll be amazing!

6. DANCER: I used to be a dancer.  I had learnt professional dance for a few years and have been performing on stage since the age of 6. I started off with Calesthenics then went to Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop to Classical. All the hard work, the long hours of rehersals pays off once you step on stage infront of a large audience.

7. HARRY POTTER: I love the Harry Potter books and movies! It's something about the magical world which fascinates me. I love the imagination and creativity used!

Since I am very new to this blogging world, I havnt been able to completely explore other blogs. But blogs I'd like to pass this award onto are:

Please go check out these amazing people!

Thankyou again to My Lyfe: My Story.

Keep Smiling :)


Vanity said...

i love love first ever books..have got all the coollection..treasure it!!
check out mine Vanity No Apologies

Srish said...

Thanx for the award sweetheart and congratulations t u too, u deserved it! :))

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