Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clean Face

My skin is quite troublesome at times. I have combination skin and one day it can be super dry and the next I can have an oily T-zone with breakouts. I have tried and tested a variety of facial products and these are my ultimate saviours!

The Bodyshop Vitamin E Cleanser
Like most of you know Vitamine E is great for reducing cellular aging. This cleanser is really creamy and great for removing makeup. Tip: If you have makeup on, you should wash your face twice with the cleanser, first to remove the makeup and second to remove the dirt. I dont use this cleanser everyday only when I need to remove makeup or when Im having one of those dry spells.

The Bodyshop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish
This is one of my favourite exfoliaters! They say you shouldnt use a scrub everyday but honestly if you  have such oily/dry combination skin I think its fine. This scrub isnt very harsh on the skin and the smell is very invigorating! I love to use these in the mornings to wake me up. The vitamin brings out a glow on your face and you start the day feeling super fresh!

Ocean Salt by LUSH
This is my 4th tub! I used to use this as my scrub but replaced it with the Bodyshop one above. However I do use this one time to time, especially if im having breakouts. Since this has salt it soaks up excess oil on the skin. Mind you, your skin will feel very clean after and a bit tight (since its zapped out all the moisture from it). This is a great scrub for once in two weeks or whenever youre experiencing oily skin.

Natio Facial Scrub
Before I discovered the above two scrubs I was using this one. It has very fine particles which were not harsh on the skin. However, I cant  say that I saw immediate results like the other two. It has no smell which is good for those who have major allergies, other than that its ones basic scrub nothing too fancy.

Neutrogena deep clean
This has got to be one of the best things invented!! I know this is quite old and probably might even by out of the markets but it does wonders for the skin! You place the foaming pad on the surface of their cleanser machine, then put a little bit of water on it and switch it on. It starts lathering up almost instantly and feels great on the skin. A plus with this product, is because of my troublesome skin, after cleansing my skin feels soft and clean and NOT dry! Which was defintely a A++ for me!

Aveeno Daily Cleansing Pads
These are great if youre in a rush. The pad, shown in the last picture, has two sides- one rough one smooth. The smooth side is for cleansing whilst the other side is for exfoliating. These are handy for on the go, but I found my skin used to sting after use and used to turn red in a few places. I feel its a bit too strong for my skin. However, if you have acne prone skin Id recommend this for you because it really clears up the skin.

Vitamin E 4/5 stars
Vitamin C 4/5
Ocean Salt 3/5
Natio 2.5/5
Neutrogena 4/5
Aveeno 2/5

That is all for my face products, Ill be taking about how to reduce under eye dark circles in my next blog so stay tuned! Let me know what youre favourite face products are.

Keep Smiling :)

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