Monday, February 21, 2011

Series 1: Dress up a Black Tee- Scarves

So we're rushing out of the house to go to either Uni/College or shopping etc and we dont have time to spare. In the series on Dress up a Black Tee I'll be going through all the ways you can wear a black t-shirt but still make it look stylish!

Wearing scarves is not just a winter thing. You can also add a scarf to your look in the summers but ofcourse make sure the scarf is not woollen! Aim for something light weight. The following are my ways to spice up a boring black t-shirt with the addition of some statement scarves!


I feel there is alot of florals coming in this year (may depend which part of the world you are). I found this beautiful scarf in Cairo, Egypt on a recent trip. I love the boost of colour it brings to my tshirt and it can easily be paired with some dark blue denim skinny legs and some cute gladiator flats. 

Leopard print

For those who have been following me, you may have noticed I am a bit obsessed with the leopard print. I found this scarf on a trip to Chiang Mai at a local market. The material is so soft and very easily wearable in the summer. I find this scarf adds alot of style to your outfit and can easily be worn to make the outfit go from a day look to a night look simply by adding maybe a blazer or some hooped golden earrings.


I knew this style was very trendy a few years back but I think I only started liking it end of last year. I love the army edge to it and the safari look it can give an outfit. The hot pink and silver tassles add a sense of chic to it. It can easily be worn with some neutral shorts or skinny legs.

This is a more neutral look and again it adds to your outfit to give it an edgy feel to it. Would look great with some shorts or skinny legs and a pair of black gladiators.

Colour Boost

 I absolutely love this scarf! I bought it from Forever New. It brings out any outfit I wear and the peacock like colours brighten up any look. Works great with a black tee as well as a white one. It converts the old boring tshirt to something a bit more sophisticated. Works great for both day and evening wear. For night time, wear it with a white cropped blazer and a pair of skinny legs.

Something different- Tassles

 I got this scarf as a gift and honestly I wasnt purely excited about it. Its one of those items when you initally get it you dont like it but then you start loving it, thats what happened to me. The scarf is really simple but the added tassles really give it a chic yet edgy feel to it. This is the one scarf Ive gotten the most compliments for. I think because its something different.

Want class?
 If you need to rush out for an important meeting, you can always add a bit of class with the addition of a branded LV scarf. This paired with a fitted blazer and a pencil skirt can definitely dress up a old boring tshirt.

Hope you enjoyed this segment on how to dress up a plain black tshirt, stay tuned for the next in the series.

Remember all of these ideas are my own, I purchased these scarves with my own money. I believe when you dress yourself you shouldnt follow trends but make your own. Ofcourse its good to get some ideas. However, don't lose yourself to some one elses style, make a statement and be yourself!

Keep smiling :)


my beautiful life* said...

I love this post, I am always looking for ways to not make my outfits look so boring. Will def. be giving this look a try =]

H Rija said...

This is a neat post - it's actually worth to have a black top in your closet!

Artist by Design said...

Yeh its very handy to have a black tshirt, I keep alot of simple black tees in my wardrobe because they are the easiest to throw on if youre in a rush!

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