Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hair Be Gone!

Not sure whether to wax, shave or even thread? I think I have almost tried everything and I have come to conclusions regarding what is best suited for me. Here's a simple guide to everythign you need to know about hair removal.


Waxing is ok if your choosing to do a larger surface area, such as your legs or arms. But I have heard constantly that you should not use it on the face, it leads to premature wrinkles. I dont know to what extent that is true because Im only 22 and I dont have any wrinkles. I have used waxing for the eyebrows and upperlip a few times but not anymore.

The Benefits?
Waxing offers long lasting and smooth results for up to four weeks. Plus, because its a new hair growing back (assuming you have done it correctly), it doesnt have the same 'spiky' feel you notice after shaving.

Ingrown hairs!! And as I have noticed waxing can be quite messy if done at home.


Threading involves using a thin, pure, twisted cotton thread and rolling it over the desired area. Hair is caught in between the therads and pulled out from the root. I was fortunate enough to learn the art of threading when I was doing a beauticians course in India. The problem with threading with a string, is that it is almost impossible to do it one yourself. But there is a 'spring' like thing (which I have forgotten the name of) in the picture above which works well for areas on the face such as the upper lip. I wouldnt recommend using this on your eyebrows because you dont have that much control.

The benefits?
Threading is inexpensive, fast and a neat way of removing facial hair. You can achieve a really nice shape for the eyebrows. I have stopped getting my eyebrows threaded a found an even better option which is talked about below!

Threading can be really painful and cause an itching sensation afterwards. If threading is done incorrectly, the hair can break, which will result in regrowth showing up more quickly. In addition, if you dont have a proper skilled person doing it the thread can often nick your skin leaving you with scabs all alongside your eyebrow! (Yes it has happened to me!)


Bleach is quite common for those who generally have hair which is visible on the face. I personally have only used bleach once at a beauticians a year back and I have to say Im never goin to use it again! My skin became discoloured because they  didnt test a patch of my skin before applying it all over. So always keep in mind that if your skin is sensitive like mine you should always test it out!

You receieve an overall 'whiter' glow.

The hair hasnt gone anywhere! It has just been bleached/turned white. In the sunlight you can still see the hairs which is not a good look! Ive also read that this can permanently discolour your skin if you continue to use it.

Eyebrow Shavers

Sounds strange doesnt it, but these are my ultimate favourite finds! I found them in a local store in Singapore. They are razors for your eyebrows! I had doubts about these at first, thinking the hair will grow back thick and noticeable. But it works wonders, I just maintain them every few days and I dont have to go get them done anymore!

They are quick and easy and save money!

I have only used these for around 3 weeks now, I dont see any problems with them besides the fact that if you dont have good hand dexterity then you may accidently take off half your eyebrow if your not careful!

My vote for removing facial hair would definitely be the eyebrow razors! They have kept my eyebrows groomed and I dont have to wait till they grow to get the threaded anymore!

Whats your pick? Let me know in the comment box below!

Until next time, keep smiling :)


KawaiiFreakxXx said...

That thing for threading looks so cool, where did you get it!? I heard that waxing causes wrinkles too but my mum waxes her facial hair and she doesn't have any 0_o Out of interest have noticed any difference in regrowth with eyebrow razors? Like do they make hair grow back thinner or anything? Thank you, I've been loving your blog <3

Artist by Design said...

Yeh it makes life so much easier because you can thread your own face! Im not particularly sure where I got it because someone recommended it to me as they were using it and got one for me. But I will ask them and let you know?

Yeh thats what everyone says, because it reduces elasticity in the skin BUT I think if you maintaing a good diet and are exercising regularly your skin should stay firm and wrinkle free :).

I did notice a slight difference in the regrowth with the eyebrow razors I have to say. They grew back the same size but a bit faster because like shaving any part of the body its not taking the hair out of the root. But I love it because I can keep my eyebrows groomed all the time!

Hope that helped :)

Anonymous said...

I have used the bleach cream before, I personally didn't love it you could see my hair in the sunlight. SO never used it again.

I really like your blog!

I just started mine. I would love for you to check it out!I need followers!

Artist by Design said...

Yeh I can understand! Theres also IPL treatments you can get done which are very common! Will do a blog post on it later, so check it out.

Im following you now and love your style!

keep smiling :)

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