Saturday, April 30, 2011

No More Dry Hands

I had talked about this product when I got a huge gift from L'OCCITANE from a friend.
I thought I would do a review on their hand cream- which is something I am absolutely loving! So much so that I've nearly run out of it!

I have really dry hands and whenever I wash them they feel really rough and the skin feels extremely tight. After using this hand cream which is for 'dry skin', I found my hands were noticeably softer. Another plus point to this product was the really relaxing and soothing scent. Its not over bearing so you can lather on as much as you like!

5 stars for me!
Keep smiling :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let down products- John Frieda

So, I had done a blog post about this new shampoo/conditioner I had gotten a few weeks back. I had said that I will do a later review to actually see what I thought about these products. To be totally honest, these two products have been a complete let down. I wouldnt advise anyone to purchase these products because of the following:
  • My hair wasnt 'volumunious' as the product proclaims, it actually left my hair frizzy and very fluffy which I would have to straighten in the end.
  • I had really bad skin reactions to the product. Not only was my scalp getting dry and itchy, my skin was getting rashes because of the product. I know that it was from this product because this was the only change to my routine and after only 2 washes I could see the side effects.
  • My hair after around 8 washes has become dry and my fall out has increased two fold. I am now shedding more hair than I ever have (which is really sad :( ).
So in the end, I had to purchase another shampoo/ conditioner to compensate for the damage that these two products have caused my hair! I have also seen a few youtube videos which have had the same experience as me, so I am not alone.

Have you guys tried the product? What did you think?

Keep Smiling :)

On my nails today- Touch of Mauve

I got this beautiful colour yesterday from Revlon called Touch of Mauve. Since where I live we're hitting Autumn, its time for such a dusty shade. I love that it compliments my skin so well! Because alot of the 'neutrals' available are not really well suited for my nails/ skin colour.

One of the downsides for this product was definitely the applicator. It was very streaky and I struggled to get a nice even application. I love Zoyas applicators- maybe they should implement those brushes in their products!

Anyways, quick update on whats on my nails!

keep smiling :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible

So my mum brought home this book and I absolutely love it. I know its for 'anti-ageing', and I'm only 22 but what better than to prevent those nasty wrinkles then to hide them :).

The book is 2011 and by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey.
I think the book is a must read- I absolutely loved it!

The book gives you their top pick products- which are available from stores near you! That is what I love abotu the book, it really connects with the audience.

The book also has quotes in between the sections, which really make it a lovely read!

A glimpse at the layout/information provided

This is a random photo from my window- it started raining whilst I was taking pictures of the book. I absolutely love this weather! And i love the smell of the first rain!

What are your fav beauty books?

Keep smiling :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Natural Eye Makeup

Get the look!

The video is just a quick demonstration of how to get a nice natural eye look- even though you are wearing makeup!

I used the following products in the following order:
  1. Stila eye base/ concealor
  2. A medium silver shade for the lid
  3. A tan brown for the crease colour
  4. A dark brown for the outer corner
  5. A light silver for the inner corner
  6. LAKME liquid eyeliner
  7. Elizabeth Arden Mascara
Hope you guys enjoyed it! Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

LAKME Perfect Radiance Collection

Had ordered these two Lakme products from India. They are a really well-known brand over there so I wanted to try their face care range out. I had tried out their makeup- and totally love their eyeliners.

1. Perfect Radiance Whitening Foundation
2. Perfect Radiance Whitening face cream

Thats the foundation- the packing is really nice but the foundation doesnt come with a lid :(. I have a feeling itll dry out very quickly.

The face creame came in a very very very small bottle- not sure if that is because you're only supposed to use a little at a time.

The shade I got was number 5 and it is a bit orangy.

Swatch like so...

but once you blend it into the skin- it matches perfectly
ps photo is slightly blurred (sorry!)

the cream is a very thick texture to it but smells lovely!

It's not very creamy and when you apply it you have to be quick because it 'dries' onto the skin and if youre not quick enough you have white swatches all over your face!
I use my elizabeth arden moisturiser on the top of this otherwise my face feels too dry!

Has anyone tried these products? If so, what are your tips and tricks?

keep smiling :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


So as stated in my previous post, I am doing my first ever giveaway! These are all the products/ things I have absolutely been loving and I have even done posts on them.

Note: All these products are absolutely brand new and I have not used them.

What you'll be receieving:
  • Elizabeth Ardens pallette- two shadows, two lip shades, blush
  • Elizabeth Arden- eye & lip makeup remover ( I have done a review on this!)
  • Elizabeth Arden Lip Colour- Red
  • Evodia- mango and grapefruit whipped body butter
  • John Freida-Voluminous Spray
  • Bath & Body Works- Cherry Blossom Body Cream
  • Collagen Eye Zone Mask (I have reviewed this in my getting rid of dark circles video)
  • LUSH Honey Bee Bath Ballistic
  • Miu Miu Wallet (unopened)
  • Sorry Eastereggs will not be included- they will be eaten by me! haha

I would swatch the colour for you guys- but I dont want to make it seemed like its used! But its a beautiful shade, which is always in!

So how do you enter?
Since this is my first giveaway I want to keep it simple.

To have a chance to receieve this Favourites Giveaway all you need to do is:
  • Become a follower or subscriber
  • comment on this post about ONE product from the Giveaway that you absolutely would love to get and why (only a sentence)
  • Post about this Giveaway on your blog and link it in your comment
  • THIS IS OPEN TO ALL FOLLOWERS AND IT CLOSES ON 17 MAY 2011 (exactly one month)
    • The winner will be announced on the blog and will be contacted via post/email/message
A third party will be picking the winner at random!

Goodluck ladies!

Keep smiling :)

My First BIG Giveaway!

Hey girlies!

This is my 3rd month blogging! I've absolutely loved receiving your comments + feedback on my posts! Its been great being able to express my POV on certain products, what i'm liking etc. Because every individual is unique and I love reading all your blogs as well! I really take on everyones advice- to the extent at purchasing alot of the products you mention!

So here it is- im doing a giveaway for all my followers because YOU DESERVE IT! I will be launching it in an hour- so keep checking!

It will be open to international followers!

keep smiling :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


So it was another Friday night, I had been working all day so didnt end up going out. The I get a call from my bestestest friend saying he's standing on my doorstep with a bag of goodies!

 It was the BEST surprise ever!!!

This is what was in the bag...

it was wrapped so beautifull with hot pink paper!

and as i was opening the delicate tissue paper- these dried flowers dropped onto my lap and their scent was amazing! It definitely made the experience so nice (thumbs up to L'OCCITANE!)

This is what was inside...

Shower gel- which smells absolutely amazing

one of my favourite scents of all time (as you noticed in my bath and body works haul)

next is a perfum roller

LOOK AT THIS! HOW COOL IS THAT. Ive never seen these before, and I think its a great applicator to just roll on your perfume and go. The scent is amazing and very very soothing.

This is another shower gel but it has small almond shell granules- which acts as an exfoliant as well. Its in the scent plum blossom- which is very soothing.The bottle describes the applicaiton as "this shower gel transforms into a rich, creamy foam that gently cleanses, exfoliates and perfumes the skin". If thats not the perfect description, I dont know what is!

this is a hand creme- suited for dry hands. I've used it once, and Im loving it. It contains a very high content of Shea Butter (which you all know is great for dry skin- through my previous posts). I felt like it really nourished my hands which are often left neglected! Definite thumbs up from me!

Last but not least, this is a skin moisture gel- something very new to me.
It has been descirbed as a "smooth gel texture with delicate powdery notes".
Enriched with plum kernel oil, this velvet-soft, nourishing gel leaves skin soft, supple and delicately perfumed.
I want to smother this all over my body!

That's the end of my exciting haul! It was such a surprise, I couldnt wait to show you all!

I'll review the products individually once I've started using them :)

Keep smiling!

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