Friday, April 8, 2011

John Frieda Collection- Luxurious Volume REVIEW

Have you ever wanted gorgeous voluminous luxurious hair? I do/did. My hair has the tendancy to become what we girls call 'flat' after the second day of washing. Im a huge believer of only washing your hair every 2/3 days. So, wanting gorgeous hair everyday would mean it is impossible right? Wrong.

I came across this product line from John Frieda. I was actually out on the search for his other collection 'root awakening'. But when I stumbled across this product line, I had to have it.

First Use
I was so excited to use the products, that I used them the day I got it. The shampoo wasn't that great, it didnt lather and I ended up having to go back for more and more product. The conditioner was nice and creamy and applied easily. I can't say I enjoyed the smell as compared to the many other hair care ranges I've tried but was reasonable.

After washing, I towel dried my hair and applied the "Lavish Lift Root Booster" (in the 3rd photo). I applied this all over my roots and on the top. I then left my hair to air dry for 15 mins. I then blow dried my hair- flipping my hair upside down to increase the volume at the roots.

The end result
Ok, to be truthful it definitely did add volume to my hair. AND IT WAS SO SOFT! I loved the feeling of it being so light and fluffy. A downside of the product, was that my hair became a bit 'too fluffly' like it was like a 'poof', I had to straighten my hair to calm the tresses down.

However, I will definitely be using this product when I want that extra lift at the roots!

I'd rate this product a 3/5 stars

What do you guys use to volumise your  hair?


H Rija said...

Neat post ... I never knew a brand like this exists, but know I would definitely ask my drug store if they have this haircare!

Artist by Design said...

yeh he has a huge range of products you should check out!

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