Monday, April 4, 2011

FIMOJ: Week 4

This is my 1 month anniversary for FIMOJ. Those of you who have followed this journey, you already know that I fit into my jeans. But I wanted to be able to feel great in my jeans rather than fit into them but only just. I have shed 4 kilos and my body feels much more tighter than before. I've been working out 4/5 times a week and I have been focusing on weights rather than cardio. My stomach is nearly flat again and my arms are solid and no longer have flab hanging off them.

I've been eating healthy BUT I have not deprived myself of eating my favourite foods such as chocolate (now and then). I made sure that if I privileged myself to such contiments I was able to work even harder to burn it off. I think if you can get a good balance between the foods you eat and exercise you'll be amazed at how you can really make a difference to your appearance AND you'll start feeling really good about yourself.

The added benefit of healthy eating and exercise would have to be the glow its added to my skin, since exercise increases circulation and gets the blood pumping.

I want to lose a further 4 kilos then I think I won't be aiming to FIMOJ but aiming to keep fit. Since a woman's bone density only increases till the age of 25- from then its only downhill. So I want to make sure my body is fit and I can maintain myself like that for the years to come!

Garden Salad with a Crepe'
Open Sandwich with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
My treat- hazelnut and chocolate cake! mmmm

Keep smiling :)

Ps: I will be holding a giveaway very soon! Keep checking :)

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