Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bronzing Beauty

Summer is here and I was looking for a bronzer since my Elizabeth Arden Duo had hit pan at the beginning of the year. I loved the Elizabeth Arden bronzer, because it matched so well with my skin tone (since I have tanned skin). I simply used it to contour my face as well as adding a glow to my face in the summer months. 

I came across Maybelline's FIT bronzer and I chose the shade medium bronze. I have chosen the wrong shade, when  I tried it on (post will be coming next), I could barely notice is on my skin tone. All it did was add a bit of a shine to my skin. 

It isn't well pigmented either, it has more glitter flecks then anything else and I wore it yesterday on my cheeks as a highlighter and it had rubbed off in only a few hours.

I wouldn't recommend this product, unless you're ready to spend money on a mere highlighter which does little to add a 'glow' to your skin. 

All in all, not worth the money (can spend a little bit more for a better pigmented product), too shimmery and fades off quickly

I completely disagree with the 'fade proof' statement, because I don't think it lasted more than  2 hours on my skin!!

Which bronzer do you use?


Hey everyone,

Just a quick note, I've started a new blog called ahimsa. this blog will be focused around everything from beauty to fitness but which is animal and environmentally friendly.
As the world has reached a population of 7 billion it has become worriesome as to how the earth can sustain so many people. Easiest part each individual can play is making sure that the options they choose are not only good for you but good for the environment and all its creatures!

I will be posting in the next week but make sure to start following for the latest in natural beauty!


Maybelline FIT concealer- Review

I was keen to try out this new (relatively) concealer by Maybelline. It's from their line 'FIT' which is supposed to be able to 'fit' your tone to make it look like you're not wearing any makeup at all.

I bought the shade 35 deep (which was the darkest available) because I have a tan to dark skin colour. 

Below I have posted a picture of my eyes before the colour and then with it. I honestly wasn't that happy about the product. Like most concealers, they don't cater to Indian skin (unless its an indian beauty brand). And by Indian skin i mean tan to dark skin like mine. The concealer was hard to work with and hard to blend. When blended it still looks 'white' and noticeable against my skin colour. However, after a while the concealer was less apparent as it set into my skin. Generally I would be apply some form of powder or foundation over the concealer to blend it in but I wanted to try it out as per how it was. 

I think this product is good for lighter coloured skin tones, it isnt that cheap (AUD $14) therefore I wouldn't be repurchasing it. 

Eyes before the concealer.

Took a photo in natural lighting but the brown-ness of the product wasnt showing through so I took a photo with the flash below and the colour is more close to real life. 

Colour against my skin


Under my eyes. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue it- NOD

Sally Hansens 'Blue It' picture on nails as promised! 

I think its a great colour, however not something I would wear on a regular basis. BUT it looks so pretty if you pair it with blue clothing like I did today! 

Blue it!

I had been eyeing this nailpolish for quite some time and finally ended up buying it. It's a colour outside my comfort zone since I generally opt for more 'wearable' colours such as nudes, browns and pinks. 

The colour is called 'Blue It' and it is a gorgeous cobalt/ultramarine blue with a sheen to it. I have applied it on my toe nails but forgot to take a picture so I will post that picture up in the next few days!

I absolutely LOVE this colour (on my toes)!! I had to apply it twice for the colour to not look streaky and have a nice finish to it similar to what it looks like in the bottle. However I am not sure whether I can pull this colour off on my fingers...It is a BRIGHT colour, and I don't think it would go with a lot of my out fits which are generally quite neutral. I will definitely give it a go though :).

All in all, great product, great consistency of the polish, amazing colour, affordable price!

Have any of you tried it? 

Let me know in the comment below!

No one likes chapped lips!

I'm not much of a lip product person, and don't wear lipstick/gloss/balm. However, I have recently noticed that my lips become quite dry. 

I was looking around for a lip balm. I used to use the Nivea lip balm range a few years ago when it came out. So, I decided to go with it again this time but try out a new one (well for me) called 'Hydro Care'.

This balm has 'pure water and aloe vera'.

I have to say after using this balm, my lips feel so much softer and I love the feel of it on my lips, not greasy at all. 

I like the smell as well, which is very subtle and hardly noticeable. 

Great product, which does its job at a great price (AUD $4.00). 

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