Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blue it!

I had been eyeing this nailpolish for quite some time and finally ended up buying it. It's a colour outside my comfort zone since I generally opt for more 'wearable' colours such as nudes, browns and pinks. 

The colour is called 'Blue It' and it is a gorgeous cobalt/ultramarine blue with a sheen to it. I have applied it on my toe nails but forgot to take a picture so I will post that picture up in the next few days!

I absolutely LOVE this colour (on my toes)!! I had to apply it twice for the colour to not look streaky and have a nice finish to it similar to what it looks like in the bottle. However I am not sure whether I can pull this colour off on my fingers...It is a BRIGHT colour, and I don't think it would go with a lot of my out fits which are generally quite neutral. I will definitely give it a go though :).

All in all, great product, great consistency of the polish, amazing colour, affordable price!

Have any of you tried it? 

Let me know in the comment below!

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