Monday, August 29, 2011

Crimson Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Crimson red is definitely in this season (esp for those in the US). Since we're ending winter in Aus, I thought I'd do a nice crimson look. 

I'm going to be using the two reds at the bottom next to the purple, the watermelon red, the brown with the dent in it and the darkest purple for the edge and the white/gold for the highlight.

Start with your eyes primed  and cover the base with rimmels white eye pencil just to allow the colours to really pop.

I've put on Covergirl's Smokey Eye colour blast cream shadow (I did a post on it a few days ago). This allows the eye shadows to really stick to the eye (this is what I have noticed) and since I cant wear the shadow by itself I'm using it as a base. 

I added the watermelon red all over my eye but stopping just  before my eyebrow

Now I'm using a red on the crease to really bring in the colour, sweeping it all across and bringing it down the lower lash line

I don't have it on the other eye, so you can see the difference.

Adding the brown/ purple to the outer edge and bringing it down to bring depth to the eyes

This picture is taken with flash so I can show you the colour however be mindful that my colours dont look so bright in real life as you will notice in the end pictures.

I used the ecotools brushes 

I used: covergirls smokey eye shadow(purple), eco tools brushes, white rimmel eye pencil, revlon black eye pencil and elizabeth ardens mascara. 

I added a touch of gold to the inner corner and lining bottom and top line with black eyeliner. Coat your lashes in mascara. 

And you are done! Here is a beautiful crimson look for you to wear day/ night (depending on your application of the colours). I love this look as it looks great on tanned skin! 

Hope you guys enjoyed! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra- Cleansing Mud Mask

I bought this mask  a while back after I had seen dulcecandy do a review/haul. She said she 'absolutely loved this product'. So  I thought Ill see what shes talkin about. This product is around $6-7. I thought it was a good price since you get so much product, and a single masks often  ends up costing $3 each.

 After washing the mask off, your face does feel ridiculously soft. Its amazing what this product can do for your skin. It states 'this super-cleansing detox mask cleanses impurities for a clearer, brighter compelexion', this is completely true. I definitely noticed my skin was much brighter and it looked very fresh after using this product.
Its best to apply a thin layer of freshly washed skin. The smell is very subtle, so its great for those who are not fond of overbearing smells. I think this is a great product, which I love applying on the weekends as my 'pick me up' product for my skin. Its never disappointed me and the smell provides a great relaxation aroma, making you feel like youve just visited a salon.

Whats your favourite face mask? Have any of you tried this product? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep smiling!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Satsuma Body Butter from The Body Shop

I have changed up my body butter for the past few months. My dad went overseas and bought me this huge tub of satsuma body butter. I had never tried it  before and as I was researching about it I found out this isnt sold in Austraila ( hmm I wonder why?).

Anyways, I've been absolutely loving it! Its such a nice change from my usual shea butter that I've been using for years. It has a tangy smell to it, and yes it is VERY strong. I ve had so many comments/compliments asking 'is someone wearing something fruity?'. I dont know whether thats a good thing, but Im going to take it as a positive affirmation that it is!

This is my second tub of this body butter :)

Im half way through this tub. I have to say, I've actually noticed a considerable change to my skin. I have very dry skin and usually after using the shea body butter my skin feels oily and a bit like I have layers of moisturiser on. But this one, is really nice and thin and still has the same moisturising qualities which leave my skin feeling so so smooth!

This is what the website from the US states about the product:
  • Best if you want to: Soften your skin with a refreshing, citrus-scented cream that moisturizes for up to 24 hours.

  • Best for: normal skin

    How it works:
    • Satsuma essential oil moisturizes skin and provides a natural citrus fragrance.
    • Community Trade shea butter moisturizes and protects skin with a high level of antioxidant vitamins A, E and F.
    • Community Trade cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature.
    You can see that this is not the usual size you see in Australia.

    Here's the comparison. I don't know if this is generally how it is sold in other countries, but its definitely $$$ saver. Because I get more product for a better prize. And since I use this everyday all over my body I do need a lot.

    So if you want to smell nice and fruity (especially in the summer) and have gorgeous soft skin, try this product, Im sure you wont regret it  because after being on my second HUGE tub, I don't :).

    What body butters do you guys like? Leave a comment below!

    Keep Smiling :)

    VLCC Fair Skin Face Cream

    I had posted a fairness post a few months back. I had stated that one should not use fairness creams inorder to become fair but to even out skin tone. I wanted to do a single review on this product, because after using this since I got it I have to say this product is fantastic.

    It has definitely shown an improvement not only in the even-ness of my skin tone but it has proven to make the skin slightly lighter (obviously there are other external factors involved).

    This ceram has skin-lightening co-agents like liquorice and wild turmeric, with extracts of Mulberry and lemon peel whcih help fade melanin deposits and lighten skin pigments without dehydrating the skin.

    The smell for me was a bit hard to overcome at first. I found that the smell of liquorice was fairly strong, and having to put that on your face was quite the task. However, after applying it continuously I got used to it and now it no longer bothers me (in a sense I enjoy it now!).

    The packaging is also very cute, I love it. Its something different, not like anything I've seen before.

    The product is ayurvedic meaning it is completely naturally so none of those nasty parabens (cancer causing) chemicals are in this product. So you know youre not going to be damaging your skin.

    I love the texture of the cream. Its not too thick and it isnt too thin, just right especially for the winter time. It absorbs well, you need to give it a few minutes before applying anything else on.

    Would I be purchasing this product again? Most definitely, Ive already sent out an order for it :). Its a product which is a great natural alternative to your chemical filled face moisturisers.

    Have any of you tried this product? What do face creams do you use?

    Covergirl Smoky colourblast dual eyeshadows

    This was on sale so I thought I'd give it a try. It has two shades, and is supposed to be an effective way to give your eyes a 'smokey look. I chose this shade because of my skin colour and becasue I wanted something neutral.

    There you can see the shades, the silver is quite bright and has specks of glitter (which Im not too happy about). The purple is a nice subtle purple, not too bright. I tried using these two colour together and to be honest I dont think they go well together. My eyes looked soo glittery which is something I didnt like.

    The product is fairly creamy, and glides on very easily. One thing though, that I will be using this as is a eyeshadow base. It works great to hold your eyeshadows together and give them more definition.

    Don't think Id buy this product again. Its not really worth buying unless youre lookin for something glittery and shiny. Its not really a smokey eyeshadow because the two colours are so bright that it leaves your eyes looking unusually shiny. Best way to use this product is to add in your own eyeshadows in the crease and lid to give your eyes more definition.

    Have any of you tried this product?

    Elizabeth Arden Intervene Radiance Boosting Face Cream

    This has got to be my third tub of this moisturiser by Elizabeth Arden. I had started using it last year, when I was recommended by the beautician because of my dry skin. I have to say when I started using it, the results were amazing and my skin felt very smooth. This moisturiser was only good for the winters because it felt very heavy on my skin during the summers (however I still continued to use it throughout the summer, which was fine as long as I didnt pile on any other products like foundation).

    The smell is a little strong, but I ended up really liking it. It's hard to describe the smell, its almost like a perfumey sort of smell, not natural at all (as I described Bobbi Brown to be).

    The website describes the product as:

    This multi-benefit moisturiser immediately restores skin's appearance for a radiant, clear, natural looking glow. Over time, naturally-derived Biodormin™ technology supports skin's natural cell metabolism rate to help fight the visible effects caused by stress.

    I later found out that this was more for older women skin, and thats why at the beginning of the year I started noticing that my skin was no longer benefiting from this product. I couldnt feel like it was working its magic and with anything you use for a long time, your body becomes 'immune' as I like to call it. Therefore the effects of the product are minimal.

    • Immediately restores skin's appearance for a radiant, clear, natural looking glow.
    • Helps even skin tone and texture.
    • Helps minimise the look of fine lines and combat the appearance of new ones.
    • Provides deep hydration to replenish and revitalise so skin stays younger looking longer.
    I have decided to stop using this product after I finished this tub. Although I thoroughly enjoyed using this product when I started, I dont think its worth the money ($90). Im looking around for another face moisturiser, at the moment Im eyeing Bobbi Browns collection.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Keep Smiling :)

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    A Miracle in a jar- EXTRA Bobbi Brown Repair Foundation SPF 25

    Until I bought myself this fantastic foundation I didnt know what was missing in my life. I had been eyeing this foundation for a while but because of the huge markup in price in Austraila $132 (US $55) I was slightly hesitant to purchase it. However, I couldn't hold back and decided to take the plunge and try out this foundation.

    I had done my research before I purchased it, and most of the reviews on this product were positive and everyone had said they have seen great results for it. I mainly chose this foundation because of its moisturising qualities. I have extremely dry skin and when I apply any foundation my skin looks cakey even if I had applied a liquid foundation.

    The packaging adds to the class of the product. The rough texture of the box really makes that slight difference from a plain box.

    The websites 'blurb' as so to speak states this about the product:

    NEW Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25 gives skin perfect coverage, moisture & broad-spectrum sun protection. Infused with Shea Butter and Evening Primrose Oil, this does-it-all formula combines all the skin-nourishing benefits of Bobbi’s Extra Skincare with the skin tone-correct color and buildable coverage of her foundations. Over time, it also helps replenish & strengthen skin. Ideal for dry and very dry skin types.
    Featured in 'Vogue' Magazine (March 2011) & 'Allure' Magazine (April 2011).

    I am in the shade 'golden'. Bobbi Brown is known for creating briliant foundations which suit nearly all skin shades, because she encompasses shades with a yellow undertone as well as a red undertone. Yellow undertone is great for Asian/ Indian skins.

    Above are the various shades this foundation comes in. As you can see there is a vast range which Im sure will match nearly every skin tone!

    Since it has She Butter it is quite a thick foundation. It is ideally great for the winter when your skin needs that extra bit of TLC. Its buildable, so you can work for the correct colour and coverage by adding more product. I find that even with very very very small pea size product it covers my whole face and makes it look flawless! I also love the smell of the product, its very calming.

    Since I have started using this product I have receieved a huge amount of compliments on how great my skin is looking! This is one product I would definitely repurchase when Im done with this jar (which won't be anytime soon). But I think I have finally found what I had  been looking for, and it was definitely worth the wait!

    These are some reviews I picked up from their website (evidence that this product is hands down amazing):
    Excellent Foundation
    Date:June 26, 2011
    Pros: Dry Skin
    Cons: Can't live without
    "I love this foundation. I can't put my finger on what's different about it, but I love the finish the foundation has and the overall appearance of my skin when wearing it. For me it does not accentuate fine lines or wrinkles. My skin just looks great. I would recommend trying it before buying as it is expensive, but a little bit goes a long way and the jar should last a long time."

    Great for drier skin
    Date:July 29, 2011
    Pros: Dry Skin
    "This is great for drier skin types. In the past, I've never been able to wear foundation because it would start to crease on my skin. I love how this includes UVA/UVA SPF plus really saves me time in my morning routine. It also smells good and feels good on my skin! I love all the EXTRA products! Thank you BB! :)"

    Have any of you tried the new foundation? Let me know, leave a comment below :)
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