Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Satsuma Body Butter from The Body Shop

I have changed up my body butter for the past few months. My dad went overseas and bought me this huge tub of satsuma body butter. I had never tried it  before and as I was researching about it I found out this isnt sold in Austraila ( hmm I wonder why?).

Anyways, I've been absolutely loving it! Its such a nice change from my usual shea butter that I've been using for years. It has a tangy smell to it, and yes it is VERY strong. I ve had so many comments/compliments asking 'is someone wearing something fruity?'. I dont know whether thats a good thing, but Im going to take it as a positive affirmation that it is!

This is my second tub of this body butter :)

Im half way through this tub. I have to say, I've actually noticed a considerable change to my skin. I have very dry skin and usually after using the shea body butter my skin feels oily and a bit like I have layers of moisturiser on. But this one, is really nice and thin and still has the same moisturising qualities which leave my skin feeling so so smooth!

This is what the website from the US states about the product:
  • Best if you want to: Soften your skin with a refreshing, citrus-scented cream that moisturizes for up to 24 hours.

  • Best for: normal skin

    How it works:
    • Satsuma essential oil moisturizes skin and provides a natural citrus fragrance.
    • Community Trade shea butter moisturizes and protects skin with a high level of antioxidant vitamins A, E and F.
    • Community Trade cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature.
    You can see that this is not the usual size you see in Australia.

    Here's the comparison. I don't know if this is generally how it is sold in other countries, but its definitely $$$ saver. Because I get more product for a better prize. And since I use this everyday all over my body I do need a lot.

    So if you want to smell nice and fruity (especially in the summer) and have gorgeous soft skin, try this product, Im sure you wont regret it  because after being on my second HUGE tub, I don't :).

    What body butters do you guys like? Leave a comment below!

    Keep Smiling :)


    Rakhshanda said...

    sounds like a good product..thanks for sharing

    Saumya said...

    i have the satsuma lip shimmer .. n i too love the smell ..its is one of my fave lip balms cos of the shine , smell and texture ..

    IHEARTMEXO said...

    seems like a great product thanks for the review :)

    Artist by Design said...

    @Rakshanda- No problem, thanks for stopping by!

    @Saumya- Ive heard about the shimmers recently, I shall try the lip balms out and smell like an orange!hehe

    @Iheartmexo- No problem, thanks for stopping by!

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