Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Collection

Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner
An alluring blend of antioxidant rich cocoa nut oil along with lush keratin proteins to strengthen and soften the hair, while organic avocado oil and cocoa butter smooth the cuticle for straight, strong, tresses, adding a brilliant glow and luminescent shine.  This rich sulfate free formula smoothes and strengthens your curly or wavy tresses
Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray
Rich Brazilian cocoa nut oils combined with hydrolyzed keratin protein to seal and protect your hair from thermal heat styling.   Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray protects against heat damage caused by flat irons, curling irons and any other heat styling tools.

Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Anti-Breakage Serum
Transform your hair into silky smooth locks with this exclusive blend of antioxidant rich organic coconut oil along with rich keratin proteins that infuse to strengthen the hair, while organic avocado oils and cocoa butter smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses. Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Anti-Breakage Serum prevents breakage and keeps your locks glossy with a healthy looking glow.

Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30-Day Smoothing Treatment
This easy to use, revolutionary, at-home salon treatment eliminates up to 95 percent of frizz and curl and cuts blow drying time by 75 percent for up to 30 glorious days*. Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment is an exclusive, high potency, keratin complex that penetrates the cuticle with keratin proteins along with rich organic coconut oil and avocado oils to smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses.
*Results may vary depending on texture of hair.

Keep Smiling :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Haul

So I went shopping today, and I needed a good day moisturiser. I had been using the Elizabeth Arden Intervene for a while, but wanted to try something new. But as soon as I found out they were having a gift time special I had to buy it.

I bought the Elizabeth Arden Intervene- Radiance Boosting Day cream with spf 15. It's really good for people with dry skin but doesnt leave the skin feeling oily. This is my third tub, and I had gone around to other stalls such as Lancome,Clinque, Bobbi Brown, MAC, YSL but I have to say this is something my skin absolutely loves. There is a noticeable difference within a week to my skin complexion, my skin feels smooth and radiant! 

 In the gift pack I got:
  • lipstick- 02 perfect brick
  • pallette- with 2 eyeshadows (graphite, platinum), 2 lipcolours (radiant mauve, sparkling ruby) and a cheekcolour (sunblush)
  • all gone- lip and eye makeup remover intervene- skin tone perfecting capsules
  • ceramide- lash extending treatment mascara
  • intervene- stress recovery night cream
  • intervene- radiance boosting moisture cream
  • intervene- anti fatigue eye cream
  • Pretty elizabeth Arden Eau de Parfum
I was lucky enough to have a special friend buy me this as a gift! So nice :). He's absolutely gorgeous!

I will be trying out a new night time regime which I will be posting soon, to try out these new products!

Keep smiling :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FIMOJ: Day 10

Day 10 and I think I am going well. Still keeping up with a strict diet- no chocolate or chips! It's been hard, ive been tempted so many times to just pick up a packet in the shopping isles but luckily with the support of my good friend I was able to resist the temptation to buy such products.

I've posted some pics of the 'healthy' snacks I have been eating if I get a craving for chocolate. The first one are "chic NUTS' which are basically roasted chickpeas (you can get some flavoured ones or stick with lightly salted).

The second is walnuts! This is definitely something anyone should be eating, whether you are dieting or not. It is very high in omega-3, which helps in the growth of hair and nails. I have definitely noticed my hair is much thicker and grows healthier and shinier. I only have at most a cup of walnuts a day- do not over do it.

Water is a must- you should be drinking 2Ls of water a day to keep hydrated. You can notice when your skin is lacking water, because it will become dull. Another sign of dehydration is under your eyes, one of the key ways to remove under eye circles is drinking alot of water!So get to it!

Keep smiling :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elephant Pendants

Like most of you know I am absolutely obsessed with anything elephant. I think they are the most gorgeous creatures! I am raising money for the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai with my paintings which you can see in the side bar. If you are interested in buying please leave a comment below.

Anyways, so these are some of the elephant necklaces I have, I absolutely love them.

Do you have any elephant jewellery?

keep smiling :)

FIMOJ: Day 9

A quick update as to where I am with my FIMOJ. I was unable to gym for the past 3 days but I have kept a strict healthy diet. Hopefully I can get back to gym tomorrow but its been a busy few days with all the assignments and assessments.

I have definitely noticed a change in my energy levels after eating healthy for a week and a half now. I don't need as much sleep as I used to, which means I get more time to do things I enjoy. PLUS I already fit into my jeans :) which is a bonus! I was so happy but I still want to be able to 'properly' fit into them and not have to riggle/ jump up and down to get into them!

This was a very quick update on where I am, will post more recipes I have uncovered soon!

keep smiling :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I recently got this eye and lip makeup remover by Elizabeth Arden. I absolutely love it!
It has two distinct liquids (not sure if you can see it in the photo) but before you wear it you need to shake the bottle to mix the two liquids together. It forms this gorgeous glittery liquid. It instantly removes the makeup in one swipe!
Love this product!

Keep smiling :)

How to store bangles..

I thought I'd share with you how I store my bangles. Can you guess what this is? This is a recycled cutlery stand! So you don't need to spend fortunes to organise your jewellery.

How do you store your bangles?

Keep smiling :)

"Happi" Zoya making me Happy :)

Quick look at the Zoya "Happi" colour. Absolutely loving it. Its a nice pink with a gold shimmer. I had dont a blog post about the application previously but hadnt showed you guys how it actually looked on your nails!

Enjoy :) and Keep Smiling :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Pink Zebra

Intriguing? Yes, that's what I thought when I first saw these designs by They are known to have instant makeup kits, where you just apply the sticker and peal it off to reveal your makeup ready to go!

leopard print

smokey eye (beats my smokey eye on the go!)

The link is below for those interested in purchasing or just checking out what they have in store for you. I thoguht this was fascinating! I might get some myself to try out.

Keep Smiling :)

Colour Me Happy Makeup Tutorial

Final Look!

Apply a eyeshadow base

Use any white eye pencil (this is Rimmel's white eyeliner)

Apply it all over the lid

With your finger spread it out all over your eye

Using an eyeshadow brush (Im using eco tools brushes)

Gently pat on a dark grey/blue all over the lid

Take some brighter blue and place this on the outer half od the lid

Use a purple for the crease and drag the colour forward to the inner eye

Should look something like this

This is what it looks like without the flash- this would look more 'realistic' to the shades of the colour in real life.

On the outer edge of the eye, pat on a hot pink colour

Like so

Now blend all the colours to make it look a little less harsh

Apply a light gold for the highlight and blend.
remember to bring the colours onto the bottom lash line as well.

Should look like this- you could end the look here if  you want it to be a bit soft or continue to add liner in the next steps.

Apply eyeliner (im using Maybellines Gel Liner) and start from the middle and drag the liner to the outer edge. I tend not to take my eyeliner in into the inner corner as this makes my eyes look smaller. You can change it around how you want it to suit your eyes.

Do a flick at the end of the eyes to add effect, line the bottom line as well and smudge to remove any harshness.
And Voila! You now have Hot Pink eyes :)

Keep Smiling :)
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