Sunday, March 20, 2011

Colour Me Happy Makeup Tutorial

Final Look!

Apply a eyeshadow base

Use any white eye pencil (this is Rimmel's white eyeliner)

Apply it all over the lid

With your finger spread it out all over your eye

Using an eyeshadow brush (Im using eco tools brushes)

Gently pat on a dark grey/blue all over the lid

Take some brighter blue and place this on the outer half od the lid

Use a purple for the crease and drag the colour forward to the inner eye

Should look something like this

This is what it looks like without the flash- this would look more 'realistic' to the shades of the colour in real life.

On the outer edge of the eye, pat on a hot pink colour

Like so

Now blend all the colours to make it look a little less harsh

Apply a light gold for the highlight and blend.
remember to bring the colours onto the bottom lash line as well.

Should look like this- you could end the look here if  you want it to be a bit soft or continue to add liner in the next steps.

Apply eyeliner (im using Maybellines Gel Liner) and start from the middle and drag the liner to the outer edge. I tend not to take my eyeliner in into the inner corner as this makes my eyes look smaller. You can change it around how you want it to suit your eyes.

Do a flick at the end of the eyes to add effect, line the bottom line as well and smudge to remove any harshness.
And Voila! You now have Hot Pink eyes :)

Keep Smiling :)


threevibes. said...

I so wish I could do my eyes like this! great tutorial
x x

Kristy said...

Oh my gosh! So cool! I always love tutorials like this because I always see make up that looks this awesome and I'm like "how the frig did they do that?!!?" Super lovely! Thanks for sharing x

Artist by Design said...

Thankyou both of you! haha yeh I think the same, it's hard to capture it completely but i do try my best :)

thanks for visiting:)

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