Thursday, March 17, 2011

Silvery Look for the Night

I got this look using:
  • Elizabeth Ardens pallettes
  • eco tools brushes
  • DB shadows
I applied Elizabeth Ardens brown on my lid (the camera isnt picking up the true colour)

Using DB pallettes dark reddish brown (the one with the hole in it, the last row second from the left)

Applied to the crease plus you can see the true colour of the 'brown' in this picture

Applied like so

Elizabeth Ardens kit, I used the grey/black on the top left hand corner

Applied that to the outer edge

Kept blending and dragged the colour to the bottom as well

looking something like this

After blending it out

Applied the white highlight from the Elizabeth Ardens kit to brow bone and blended with the rest

Looking something like this

End Result :)

I finished off with Maybelline Gel Liner on the top lid, and Revlon Colour Stay Liner on the bottom lid, and applied one coat of Elizabeth Arden Mascara.

This was just a really quick post on the look I did for the night, when I went out for dinner. Hope you guys liked it!

Keep Smiling :)
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