Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hydrate Your Eyes

I really needed a good eye cream. I found this eye cream by GROWN. The box states that "Tetra- peptides (superior patented natural active tetra-peptides promote skin cohesion and regeneration reducing dark circles, puffiness and wrinkle depth). By the description I thought this is a miracle in a tube! The things which were a plus for me was:
  • its certified organic
  • its not tested on animals
  • the packaging is made from 100% waste paper; and
  • it does not contain the nasty  chemicals such as sulphates, artificial fragrances or animal products.
A negative point was the cost, this was quite on the pricey side for me but lets see if its worth it!

First Application

When I first applies it, I have to say I loved the smell (it smells a bit like lavender which is so soothing). It was creamy but light, so it felt really hydrating for the under eyes.

Since the under eye area is very sensitive and the layer of skin is very thin, in addition the first signs of aging are usually prevalent near the eyes and neck so it is important to have these areas well looked after.

If you want to see more products by them you can visit

I will do another post after a few weeks to see what the results have been after continued use.

I would rate this on first impressions a 4/5

What do you use for your eye creams?

Keep Smiling :)
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