Thursday, June 30, 2011

A great new beauty supply site-

Hey guys, I recently came across this really wonderful discount beauty supply site! It has really heavily discounted cosmetics, and has been seen in various magazines such as teenVogue, seventeen, life&style. Its something you should definitely check out if youre looking for good quality cosmetics that won't break your budget!

Click on the link below to get even further discounts!

Cosmetics at up to 85% Savings

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Deep Nourishing Hot Oil Treatment is what your hair needs...

I spotted this Hot Oil Treatment by VO5 in the shopping isles and I had to get it. As most of you who follow  my blog know I am a sucker for all things hair. Because I am growing my  hair out it requires alot of TLC. This product claims to rescue hair within 1 minute.

I thought Id add in a photo of my hair and how long it is. I know its hard to really understand where I am coming from when I say my hair needs TLC without you actually seeing the results.

Its a very small tube and before you open it you need to either leave it in a bowl of hot water (in order for the oil to become hot) or leave it in your shower (which is what I tend to do- saves time and water).

So does this product actually work? To be honest, 1 minute seems like a  very small amount of time to actually reconstruct my hair. BUT youll be suprised with the results. My hair definitely liked this product (I have already used 2 tubes, it comes with 4 in a pack). I noticed a significant change in breakages straight after. Usually I have to be very careful at not pulling, combing or drying my hair because I tend to get alot of breakages. However, with the use of this  product my hair felt stronger AND was more flexible without breaking.

Would I purchase this product again? Yes, I would. I wouldnt purchase it straight after finishing this packet but I would definitely go buy it when I need it. Im saving the last two tubes because I will be travelling at the end of the year and my hair gets damaged through the flying and travelling so I definitely need some Hair TLC then.

What would I rate this product? I would definitely give this product a 4/5 stars. The reasons are for its:
  • 1 minute results
  • excellent packaging
  • visible results
Have any of you used this product? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money and I am not affiliated with the company what so ever.

Keep Smiling :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Garnier Eye Roll-On: Reduces Dark Circles

I got this with my package from India. I really wanted to try it because of my persisting dark circles!

It claims to decrease puffiness as well as dark circles

Its similar to the other roll-ons that garnier has.

Results: THIS WORKS! This product definitely works, and definitely reduced my dark circles over time. You will see instant results if you have tired eyes. Just one roll and you feel wide awake!

Would I repurchase? Yes definitely

Rating: 5/5 stars!

I realised I should be putting disclaimers on all my reviews: ALL products are bought with my own money and I am not affiliated with any of the companies I review.

SulfateFree L'Oreal Replenishing Hair Masque

I wanted to try something from the new sulfate-free LOreal range. I bought this a month back I think and I thought Id use it first before letting you guys know how it is.

It claims to strengthen and intensely repair your hair. I bought this one because I was gettin alot of hair fall due to breakage and thought maybe this would help.

As you can see I have used mostly all of it. I use it AFTER I have shampooed and conditioned. I leave it on for about 4-5 minutes then rinse it off.

The Effects: It definitely leaves my hair nice and soft and silky.

Does it do what it claims?: I dont think so to be honest. I continue to have breakages, it hasnt really 'repaired' my hair as it says it will. It just left my hair soft then would go back to normal.

Would I repurchase?: No

Rating: 2/5 stars

Keep Smiling :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For those impatient nail painters...

MY FIRST EVER OPI! Wow, I was so excited to finally get one. I dont know about other people around the world, but where I live OPI is VERY expensive. It was $20 for one bottle, and Ive been thinking about purchasing an OPI for MONTHS!

My attempt to show you how pretty the coloyr is, its got little flecks of shiny stuff. I call it 'stuff' because I dont think its glitter as such.

Normally lighting, LOVE the colour. It is 'Bay Bridge Sunset'

I'm not too sure whether this was a 'wise' choice for a first OPI polish but im loving it :)

Now to the star of this blog post....

I also bought this OPI RapiDry Spray Nailpolish Dryer. When it comes to drying my nails, im the most impatient person around. I end up always chipping/grazing or doing something to it that it ends up lookin like a mess! All that precious time wasted when applying the polish.

So when I saw this I thought it was a sign. Its better to invest in something which will prevent all the smudging and ruining your perfect set of nails right? Well thats the theory I used when I purchased this. It cost $18 (yes very pricey). So I tried it out, and I even made a video on how I used it and how fast the drying time was BUT for some reason it refuses to load :(. But I will try put it up later if I can.

So what do I think about this product? Well, it IS BRILLIANT! It is absolutely fantastic for those of you who just cant wait for those nails to dry. It dries in around 1 min (estimated time). It smells great (not sure if thats something you look for) and the spray is nice and 'misty' so covers the nail properly.

My rating for this product would be 5/5 stars!

It is a definite life saver (in terms of painting my nails) and I dont think I will ever look back!

Look out for the video of how I used this product + how long it actually took to dry!

Keep smiling :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surprise Package from Diva!

Floral Bangle

Necklace- love the colour and the style

Snake Ring
Zebra Earrings

Hey guys, so I came home and found out I had receieved this mysterious package. I wasnt expecting anything so once opened I was so amazed! Diva had sent me some jewellery pieces because I had particpated in one of their competitions :)

It was a wonderful surprise and I love all the pieces that theyve sent me! 

My favourite piece has to be the ring and the necklace. What do you guys think?

OOTD: Farm Visit

Hey guys, it was a beautiful sunny day on the weekend so me and a couple of friends decided to head out. We visited a farm, which was amazing because you were able to get up close to animals (my favourite were the lambs!). We then went to the chocolate factory (where we got free samples YUM) and ended the day with a nice lunch!

My outfit consists of a button up shirt with roll up sleeves, it comes with an attached belt on the waist. I paired it with a brown layered necklace. My Versace sunglasses. A pair of jeggings (can you tell?) and my camel/ tan boots.

Also Im on a bit of an angle because I had a heavy bag swinging from the other side! Just incase your wondering why I might look a bit out of proportion.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

OOTD: Winter Camel

Camel Cardigan- TEMT $35
Light Brown Dress- Bought in Chiang Mai $6
Layered Necklace- Diva $5

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Painting Update!!!

So like I said, I have now added another horse! It is still in the 'sketchy' face, as you can see.

This is a close up. I'm a bit confused on how to do the hair on the horse because Ive seen artists finely add detail to make the horse look life like. But im new at this, I havnt had any formal training, all I know is out of books and just trial and error. Does anyone know how to make it more realistic?

Thanks :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Winter Ankle Boots

I recently bought these new boots called 'Orlando Black'.

I needed something that could get me through the winter. When I saw these were in this season I stepped on it and bought a pair

They look really edgy yet I can still wear them with stockings and a dress!

Really nice detail with the buckles at the back

Front lace up

Side zips for easy access

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Relief for Eye Contact Wearers

I found out about this through a friend after complaing of dry, tired eyes. I've been wearing contacts on and off for some time but the main reason I wasnt able to wear contacts for a long period of time was the way they left my eyes after long use. I would end up with tired and red eyes (all of which is not attractive)

This gel is great for eyes which just need a bit of moisture and you can also wear it whilst you have contacts on.

It comes in a tube form.

When you apply it, it does feel a bit gluggy so blink a few times to turn it into a liquid form

These are the ingredients

What do you guys use to nourish dry tired eyes?

Keep Smiling :)

My New Painting- What do you guys think?

Hey guys, I've started a new painting and was wondering what everyone thought about it. I havnt been able to take a recent photo but there are two horses now.
I wanted to know whether I should leave the background as a dark muted brown or actually paint in the trees.



I went into THE FACE SHOP today, and picked up a few things. Im new to the shop and always found the products quite pricey so never really tried anything out.

So, I bought 2 facemasks and a Almond Hand Cream. They were actually having Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price, but unfortunately I didnt read the small print which said 'of  the same product line'.

This is the Almond Hand Cream which is absolutely fantastic. I have very dry hands and now that its winter, they get even more dry. And this caters exactly to my needs with such nice scent of Sweet Almond Oil as well as its enriching qualities.

Price- $12.50

This is a 'pearl' based face mask- $3.50

Love the packaging for this one. I actually used this as soon as I got home. It smells lovely and leaves skin really nice and soft.

Price- $3.50

Have any of you tried out products from the FACE SHOP? Do you recommend any?

Keep Smiling :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My New Wardrobe: Part 1 Shades of Brown

I just bought a heap of clothes, because I wanted to change my wardrobe for the changing seasons. I aimed to get more sophisticated pieces which can easily be dressed up or dressed down. I especially am loving the new 'camel' or 'caramel' shades which are coming in this season!

Goregeous silk- looking top, which I want to pair with this Diva necklace which I got for only $5

As you can see, the top is fairly long so you can definitely wear them with tights. It looks great and gives it a flowy, casual look to it.

Gorgeous ruffles!

I bought this from Target, I love the colour and the beautiful detailing

has a very unique 'ruffle' at the front

It was from one of their limtied edition collections!

Antique button look

I am going to pair it with this Diva necklace (also bought in the sale)

It has gorgeous strands of gold and silver, which go well with the buttons on the sleeves.
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