Saturday, June 11, 2011

Golden Goddess- 3 for $10 Diva Jewellery!

Used to be $15

Were $10

Were $13

I went shopping the other day and came across these beautiful pieces. I had bought the ring before but thought id add it in this post.

Diva is/was currently having a 3 for $10 sale, where you can purchase 3 sale items (it can be anything from necklances to rings to earrings) and it will be ONLY $10. I found this as my chance to finally update my golden earrings. I was always on the look out for some nice pieces because you can always add a bit of glam with a touch of gold.

The earrings are great to wear especially on something creamy or white, itll really make yoru outfit stand out! I will do some OOTDs which I will link here after I have posted them!

keep smiling :)

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