Monday, June 27, 2011

Garnier Eye Roll-On: Reduces Dark Circles

I got this with my package from India. I really wanted to try it because of my persisting dark circles!

It claims to decrease puffiness as well as dark circles

Its similar to the other roll-ons that garnier has.

Results: THIS WORKS! This product definitely works, and definitely reduced my dark circles over time. You will see instant results if you have tired eyes. Just one roll and you feel wide awake!

Would I repurchase? Yes definitely

Rating: 5/5 stars!

I realised I should be putting disclaimers on all my reviews: ALL products are bought with my own money and I am not affiliated with any of the companies I review.


bettzy93 said...

please have a review :)

Maya said...

I don't really have dark circles but I do get puffy eyes and horrendous eyebags. Wonder if this would work on me! I am a follower now:)

Artist by Design said...

@bettzy93- yup Ill try to have a review of all the eye products I like and dont :)

@Maya- This works great for puffy eyes, because the cooling ball really works wonders. Its not too pricey so def worth a try!

Maya said...

Great! I bought eye cream from sanctuary (Boots) a few weeks back but I have never used it! I'd try that one first and if that doesn't work, I'll definitely try this one! I hope to make a review on the eye cream that I bought so I can share with you and everyone! xx

Saumya said...

Hey ,

just followed your blog .. good to know this product works .. guess I should try out .. I have really bad dark circles that never seem to go ..
I have just started using Rose water ..

would be happy if you can check out my blog and follow it too ..

love saumya ..

Artist by Design said...

@ Maya- Oh wow, that would be great. Please share that with us! I would love to hear about it. I am always in the hunt for a good eye cream.

@Saumya- Yeh I have heard about the good qualities of rose water, but yet to try it out. I have really persistent dark circles as well and nothing gets them to go away. But this product definitely helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. Worth a try. Will be visiting your blog too!

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