Thursday, June 23, 2011

For those impatient nail painters...

MY FIRST EVER OPI! Wow, I was so excited to finally get one. I dont know about other people around the world, but where I live OPI is VERY expensive. It was $20 for one bottle, and Ive been thinking about purchasing an OPI for MONTHS!

My attempt to show you how pretty the coloyr is, its got little flecks of shiny stuff. I call it 'stuff' because I dont think its glitter as such.

Normally lighting, LOVE the colour. It is 'Bay Bridge Sunset'

I'm not too sure whether this was a 'wise' choice for a first OPI polish but im loving it :)

Now to the star of this blog post....

I also bought this OPI RapiDry Spray Nailpolish Dryer. When it comes to drying my nails, im the most impatient person around. I end up always chipping/grazing or doing something to it that it ends up lookin like a mess! All that precious time wasted when applying the polish.

So when I saw this I thought it was a sign. Its better to invest in something which will prevent all the smudging and ruining your perfect set of nails right? Well thats the theory I used when I purchased this. It cost $18 (yes very pricey). So I tried it out, and I even made a video on how I used it and how fast the drying time was BUT for some reason it refuses to load :(. But I will try put it up later if I can.

So what do I think about this product? Well, it IS BRILLIANT! It is absolutely fantastic for those of you who just cant wait for those nails to dry. It dries in around 1 min (estimated time). It smells great (not sure if thats something you look for) and the spray is nice and 'misty' so covers the nail properly.

My rating for this product would be 5/5 stars!

It is a definite life saver (in terms of painting my nails) and I dont think I will ever look back!

Look out for the video of how I used this product + how long it actually took to dry!

Keep smiling :)


azu said...

Don't you love OPI? I'm so glad you bought one. That's a shame that they're so expensive where you live. They always sell out over here so I end up buying them elsewhere or on ebay :)

Artist by Design said...

yeh the application is fantastic! wow, they never sell out here lol, theres always heaps in stock because of their price! maybe I should try out ebay...

Silvia ♥ said...

Hi sweety, I follow you :D.
love ur blog, xoxox.

Louise Cecilie said...

Really nice blog! :)

Louise Cecilie //

Peach Crush said...

the color looks so nice on your hands! <3 :) your blog is lovely. im your new follower hope you'll follow back

Sharlene Kay said...

hi love!

wow that stuff sounds amazing im seriously about to hop in my car and grab me a bottle lol i hate it when i paint my nails and they look great from far away but up close smudge city yuck! Thanks for the review gorgeous=)

<33 Sharlene

Hungover on Fashion said...

Everyone's crazy about OPI!! I am yet to buy one..$20 is quite a lot..

Artist by Design said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely/insightful comments!

Yes $20 is SOOO expensive for nailpolish :(. I wish it was cheaper in Aus.

The spray works miracles! Honestly, my nails were dry in matter of seconds and usually I have to wait atleast 15-20 mins! Im so excited that they dont smudge anymore and dont look like a mess :)

Thanks for all the new followers :) Im surely to follow all you back!

Vicky said...

OPI is expensive but if you look round the internet you'll find you can get it much cheaper than $20!

I'll definitely be using the spray - I'm so impatient too!

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