Thursday, June 30, 2011

A great new beauty supply site-

Hey guys, I recently came across this really wonderful discount beauty supply site! It has really heavily discounted cosmetics, and has been seen in various magazines such as teenVogue, seventeen, life&style. Its something you should definitely check out if youre looking for good quality cosmetics that won't break your budget!

Click on the link below to get even further discounts!

Cosmetics at up to 85% Savings

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Pandora`s Box said...

Thanks for the info. Very nice blog. I loved your loccitane package blog. I`m following:) If you are interested in fragrances, visit me. I`m new at blogging.

Meredith Jessica said...

85% savings??? WHere has this been all my life. I believe I'm your 100th follower as well! Woohoo!

Meredith Jessica

Artist by Design said...

@ Pandora's box- thanks for following! I will def pay a visit and follow u too!

@ Meredith Jessica- I know right? Its a fabulous sight, with really really discount prices!!! OMG I HIT 100! Thanks so much :)

Pritu said...

Hey nice work there..I am also trying o do something on my blog. Please take a look at

thanks and keep up the good work.

Artist by Design said...

Ok awesome, ill come stop by!

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