Saturday, July 23, 2011

Style an Outfit- Tunic Look

I fell in love with this tunic style dress and the quality of the dress is amazing! it flows really well.
It comes with an insert singlet, which looks silky and works really well with the dress.

It has gorgeous ruffles at the front. And you can see its not white its a very light cream

To style it with the dress, pair it with a denim vest it makes it look very chic and gives it more shape

I think the light colour of the denim works well with the dress.

I would pair this with an bronze/gold jewellery to really tie in the look together

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Style an Outfit- Summer Ruffles

I love this nice flowy dress because of its ruffles. I thought Id show you guys how I would accessorise this dress

I chose the necklace because I think it would go great (anythign with a long chain and a pendant would go well with the outfit because it already has quite a detailed top ie the ruffles you dont want to opt for chunky necklaces). However I wouldnt pair the necklace with the bangles ive chosen (as below) i would go for something simple, in the same colour theme as the necklace so vintage gold, black and silver.
I would not wear all of these pieces together but I wanted to show you what I think work well with the dress

The chunky floral bangle- definitely give the outfit a summery and feminine feel to it I would pair them with the gold/brown bangles you can see to the right
The floral ring- I would also wear the ring on the same hand as the bangles but be mindful dont over do it on one hand.

You can also wear some simple gold earrings but I wouldn't pair this with the necklace or the big floral bangle. Instead I would choose to stick to some nice basic gold bangles (like the ones above) and keep the outfit quite simple.

I think for the summer, some gladiator flats would be perfect to really tie the outfit in together. However if you are on the short side opt for soemthing that wont cut you off at the ankles because this might give the illusion that you are shorter than you acutally are. Try some wedges!

Have a great weekend :)

Keep Smiling :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Style an Outfit- Mauves and Roses

I got this beautiful dress and I wanted to show you how you can style it  up.
It came with a brown belt. I would use it because it just went so well with the outfit.
The dress gathers on the waist giving a very flattering shape as well as the neckline which has folds/ layers, thereby giving you more 'volume' up the top.

I paired it with this necklace from Diva. I thought the colours went really well together and they almost nearly matched.

Since its winters here, you cant leave without a cardi. I saw this cardi and fell in love with it. Usually I stick to black/ grey/ brown jumpers but I thought why not add a bit m ore fun to it. I loved the rose patterns and the beading inside the roses. It made the outfit look a bit more feminine and sophisticated.

This was a simple way to style a simple dress.

Keep Smiling :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


OMG! Most exciting news ever! In my summer holidays I will  be touring USA. I have been there before but I wanted to really take advantage of the strong AUD :).

So far, I know that I will be visiting San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Las Vages, San Diego and New York.

I know it will be cold during December/ January. So if you guys are from these cities or know any info can you please let me know what the climate will be like and what are the bear necessities I will need!

Thanks :)

How I turned my life around

Hey guys, I have been missing for around a week or maybe more. In that time I have been keeping myself busy and had started going to the gym again. I took this time to really think about where my life is going. And even though this post is not really related to anything that I usually talk about on my blog, I thought it was some what relevant.

The first thing I wanted to work on was my body. I know like many women, we all complain about what are bodies look like. I saw this recent study where women were asked to name the one aspect of their body which they loved, and 99% of women struggled to name something. I thought this was really sad, women have such a unique and fantastic structure and we should be proud of the way we are. However, personally I wasnt happy with my body shape either. I had gained alot of weight due to high levels of stress during the semester of University. Therefore last week I made it a goal that I would get  back in shape and love the body I am in. This wasnt easy because I wasnt seeing instant results however now being the 6th day of my goal, I have gymmed 5 days in a row. I am so proud of myself and I am slowly seeing results and I feel more confident to wear clothes other than flowy tops.

The second thing I changed was my diet. I was over eating, thats not the problem though. I was overeating on junk. I often ate out 3/4 times a week and it was definitely showing on my body. I have switched to green tea and decreased my sugars and fatty foods. Instead I opt for healthier options. However, I find that completely taking out all the junk food is detrimental and often leads me to binge eat. So therefore I have resorted to a 80/20 ratio. Where I eat 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy (or something I love like tim tams :) ).

The last thing I changed was my perception on what constitutes beauty. I think in the last 2 years, I really got into the youtube beauty gurus. I used to love how they bought so many clothes and had so much makeup. I slowly started wearing makeup on a day to day basis. I found that this wasnt good for my skin. I have sensitive skin and I often found that I was damaging my skin by constantly tugging and pulling it. I now only wear a moisturiser daily and if I am going out I then make an effort to wear SOME makeup. I also realised I was spending way too much on clothes, this lead to my savings depleting. I realised I always thought I needed this or that when infact I had more than enough clothes. I realised I should only enjoy the beauty gurus as something to watch for fun and not always follow what they do because in the end everyones different right?

Ok this is the end of my rant :). Thanks for those who read through it! I will continue to upload more fashion and beauty blogs. I also have some DIY fashion tips coming up!

Keep Smiling :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crazy about elephants! New necklace from LoveCouture

I discovered this new accessory store over the weekend in the city called LOVECOUTURE. The chandeliers are what really lured me into the store. The store has a fantastic set out and looks very chic.

As soon as I stepped into the store I noticed this odd looking elephant necklance and I had to have it!

They wrap the necklace really nicely in tissue paper!

The elephant looks like a cross between many animals. But since I absolutely love elephants I had to add this necklace to my collection!

The price on the tag was $5.95 which I automaticaly thought was a fantastic deal! I went up to the counter to purchase it and I was shocked to find out that it had been reduced to $3!!! SO CHEAP :)

I met up with a friend last week and she was so kind to give me this elephant ring because she knows I love elephants!
It was so sweet of her!

Im not sure where she got it from but I absolutely love the ring!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend :) I sure did!

Keep Smiling :)

SpaRitual Vegan Nailpolish

I got this beautiful colour 'Can You Dig It?' in Shimmer by a really close aunty. Shes really into beauty products as well and always finds the most amazing products which are both natural and vegetarian.

I had never heard about this brand before but after a bit of research I found out that this is a VEGAN nailpolish and doesnt have the nasty chemicals and parabens that other nailpolishes contain! This is definitely a plus point already.

This is the colour with flash and it actually looks a bit purpley/reddy than the colour actually is.

This is a more correct perception of the colour as I see it. Its a earthy brown, with some flecks of gold when you shien it in the sun! I absolutely LOVE this colour and I was quite mermerised at how pretty it looked on my hands. Because having tanned skin its often difficult to really understand what colours will suit my nails.


The application of the product is fantastic and I would say its just like OPI. It applies smoothly and really nicely. It dries quite fast so I could put two coats on without too much delay. The quality of the laquer is amazing, you actually dont need two coats for the colour to work its magic. It looks just as amazing with a single coat.

The quality of the actual bottle impressed me as well. It has a very rich feel to it with the lid made of a sort of rubber.

Would I purchase this product again? YES I WANT THE WHOLE RANGE!!!!!

I would rate this product a definite 6/5 stars!!

You guys should definitely check them out!

Keep Smiling :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updated What's in my Bag check out my YouTube Video

Hey guys, so this is an updated whats in my bag video. I thought it was time to show you whats changed and what hasnt. Alot of things in my bag are (as I found out) useless and I dont actually need them in there.

Please comment rate subscribe to my new youtube channel!

Keep smiling :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Minty Green on my nails..

So I had shown this colour I got from the FACESHOP.
To be honest, I dont like it at all. I had to apply around 3 coats to get a nice colour without the streaks. The brush is useless, it doesnt apply the nail colour very well.

I actually took this colour off straight away because I couldnt bear looking at it. Its not a very nice minty green and suprisingly it changes colour when you wash your hands (which is very odd).

Would I repurchase this/ or any nailpolishes from the FACESHOP? No

I would rate this product a 0/5

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Purple Zebra Nails!

Sorry about the quality of the photo

I was sitting and thinking of something to do. I realised my nails needed to be repainted. I got this idea to do something interesting. I started with a paintbrush (which I no longer use) and did some swatches of Zoyas 'Demi'. I started adding a bit of white and mixed Demi with White to get a sort of violet colour.
This is how it came out. I used Revlons 'Steel-Her Heart' as the base coat.

Hope you guys enjoyed the look and much as I loved painting it!

Keep Smiling :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New YouTube video! What the SkinVitals A-Whiten Mask looks like

Its pretty self explanatory. I show you the mask and what it looks like. I wanted you guys to see the size and the moisture of the mask!

Its not a great smelling mask but it definitely did wonders to my skin!

Monday, July 4, 2011


THEFACESHOP Haul as promised :). Sorry it took such a long time to get it up, I was hoping to do a video haul for it but didnt have enough time to film.

This month I am in love with THEFACESHOP. I never realised it had such fantastic products (that actually worked!)

I bought a few things that intrigued me and I wanted to give them a try.

YAY goodies :)

Grapefruit Yoghurt Pack

As you can see I have already used up one tub of this pack (and I have done a blog post on what I thought about it)

I love the packaging! I actually felt like eating it. Just the fact they were in tubs amused me (yes I was excited to try this out).

Grape Yoghurt Pack

I actually thought this was a blueberry pack! I didnt even read the pack before buying it only later realised that it was a grape pack :S. Never heard of putting grapes on your face but hey theres always a first for everything right?

These are what the tubs look like. There is definitely enough pack to cover your face and you can also share a pack between two people I think.

I bought this Vita C mask again because I loved it when I first tried it (as you can see in the pic below of my first FACESHOP haul)

I think the packaging is so cute and clever. Its supposed to look like a 'jar' and it really got my attention!

I wanted to try this Vita A mask which contains carrot and avocado proteins and generally these two vegetables have been known to be great on the skin (both eating and applying).

My first ever mint green nailpolish. I loved the shade and I have seen various beauty gurus raving about this colour, so I wanted to try it myself. I was a bit mindful that I do have tanned skin.
This is what it looks like. I did only apply it on one nail because I wanted to show you the colour. When I do a full set of nails Ill post it on my blog.

The bad thing about the polish though is the applicator. The brush is useless, I found it so difficult to apply a even coat of polish because the brush would collect too much product and the bristles flare in the wrong directions!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyde shopping for it!

Comment and Follow! Keep Smiling :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Miracle in a TUB from THEFACESHOP: Video included

I had another trip to THEFACESHOP and bought a few more face masks and I came across this product. It looked really interesting and the packaging really caught my eye. It was $9 for 4 tubs of face mask (yes very pricey).

But I have to say this product works WONDERS. OMG!!! So after a whole day out my face looked really tired and I had a dinner that night, so I got one of the tubs (as you can see one is missing) and followed the instructions in applying it all over my face.

Check out the video below to see the consistency and what it looks like. You have to massage it all over your face and then you leave it on your face for around 10-15 mins then you wash it off with warm water.

THE RESULTS ARE INSTANT. My skin was glowing, literally! Even my mum was like wow your skin looks amazing! I felt my skin instantly refreshed and very very very soft. I have extremely dry skin and usually need to remoisturise every few hrs but at the end of the night around 12am, my skin felt so soft and i didnt moisture AT ALL! Now if thats not good enough I dont know what is!

Check out the You Tube video to see what it looks like when I first opened the tub!

So would I repurchase this product? Yes I definitely would! I would stock up on it because it is something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

Is there any scent? Its very very subtle so its doable for those who dont like overbearing smells.

My rating: I would rate this product a definite 5/5 stars (and even 6/5)

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money and I am not affiliated with the company at all. My opinions are true, honest and correct at the time of posting.

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