Monday, July 18, 2011

How I turned my life around

Hey guys, I have been missing for around a week or maybe more. In that time I have been keeping myself busy and had started going to the gym again. I took this time to really think about where my life is going. And even though this post is not really related to anything that I usually talk about on my blog, I thought it was some what relevant.

The first thing I wanted to work on was my body. I know like many women, we all complain about what are bodies look like. I saw this recent study where women were asked to name the one aspect of their body which they loved, and 99% of women struggled to name something. I thought this was really sad, women have such a unique and fantastic structure and we should be proud of the way we are. However, personally I wasnt happy with my body shape either. I had gained alot of weight due to high levels of stress during the semester of University. Therefore last week I made it a goal that I would get  back in shape and love the body I am in. This wasnt easy because I wasnt seeing instant results however now being the 6th day of my goal, I have gymmed 5 days in a row. I am so proud of myself and I am slowly seeing results and I feel more confident to wear clothes other than flowy tops.

The second thing I changed was my diet. I was over eating, thats not the problem though. I was overeating on junk. I often ate out 3/4 times a week and it was definitely showing on my body. I have switched to green tea and decreased my sugars and fatty foods. Instead I opt for healthier options. However, I find that completely taking out all the junk food is detrimental and often leads me to binge eat. So therefore I have resorted to a 80/20 ratio. Where I eat 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy (or something I love like tim tams :) ).

The last thing I changed was my perception on what constitutes beauty. I think in the last 2 years, I really got into the youtube beauty gurus. I used to love how they bought so many clothes and had so much makeup. I slowly started wearing makeup on a day to day basis. I found that this wasnt good for my skin. I have sensitive skin and I often found that I was damaging my skin by constantly tugging and pulling it. I now only wear a moisturiser daily and if I am going out I then make an effort to wear SOME makeup. I also realised I was spending way too much on clothes, this lead to my savings depleting. I realised I always thought I needed this or that when infact I had more than enough clothes. I realised I should only enjoy the beauty gurus as something to watch for fun and not always follow what they do because in the end everyones different right?

Ok this is the end of my rant :). Thanks for those who read through it! I will continue to upload more fashion and beauty blogs. I also have some DIY fashion tips coming up!

Keep Smiling :)

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Meredith Jessica said...

Happy to hear that you're seeing positive results in your life changes and best of luck in keeping it up!

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