Monday, July 18, 2011


OMG! Most exciting news ever! In my summer holidays I will  be touring USA. I have been there before but I wanted to really take advantage of the strong AUD :).

So far, I know that I will be visiting San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Las Vages, San Diego and New York.

I know it will be cold during December/ January. So if you guys are from these cities or know any info can you please let me know what the climate will be like and what are the bear necessities I will need!

Thanks :)


Pandora`s Box said...

Yaaay! I`m so excited for you. Looking forward to lots and lots of pics from your trip. Have a great time.

azu said...

How exciting! Definitely let me know when you're in the SF area. I can recommend some great places around the Bay. Especially if you're looking to go wine tasting! I'll give you all the info when you're ready ;)

As for the said January/December? Bring an umbrella, scarf, and cold weather gear. It doesn't get THAT cold in SF, but it can be windy. Dress in layers :)


Artist by Design said...

@ Pandora's Box- YAY, yes definitely Ill put up heaps of photos as well as everything I get to purchase over there. I heard that things are half priced over there! Can not wait!

@ Azu- thanks so much for the details, I will definitely get in touch with you about places to visit. Ill be there for around 3 days :) So it will be rainy? Ill make sure to pack alot of warm clothes :)

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