Sunday, July 10, 2011

SpaRitual Vegan Nailpolish

I got this beautiful colour 'Can You Dig It?' in Shimmer by a really close aunty. Shes really into beauty products as well and always finds the most amazing products which are both natural and vegetarian.

I had never heard about this brand before but after a bit of research I found out that this is a VEGAN nailpolish and doesnt have the nasty chemicals and parabens that other nailpolishes contain! This is definitely a plus point already.

This is the colour with flash and it actually looks a bit purpley/reddy than the colour actually is.

This is a more correct perception of the colour as I see it. Its a earthy brown, with some flecks of gold when you shien it in the sun! I absolutely LOVE this colour and I was quite mermerised at how pretty it looked on my hands. Because having tanned skin its often difficult to really understand what colours will suit my nails.


The application of the product is fantastic and I would say its just like OPI. It applies smoothly and really nicely. It dries quite fast so I could put two coats on without too much delay. The quality of the laquer is amazing, you actually dont need two coats for the colour to work its magic. It looks just as amazing with a single coat.

The quality of the actual bottle impressed me as well. It has a very rich feel to it with the lid made of a sort of rubber.

Would I purchase this product again? YES I WANT THE WHOLE RANGE!!!!!

I would rate this product a definite 6/5 stars!!

You guys should definitely check them out!

Keep Smiling :)


Pandora`s Box said...

A vegan nail polish wow sounds great. Love this color. Aunt sure has good taste :)

Saumya said...

love the color ..

Artist by Design said...

Yeh its definitely worth trying out :) Loving the colour so much I cant stop looking at it!!

Thanks Pandora's Box and Saumya for stopping by!

Meredith Jessica said...

That's such a sexy shade and sheen to the polish! Love it.

Artist by Design said...

Yeh its a gorgeeeeous shade! Absolutely loving it :)

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