Thursday, July 7, 2011

Purple Zebra Nails!

Sorry about the quality of the photo

I was sitting and thinking of something to do. I realised my nails needed to be repainted. I got this idea to do something interesting. I started with a paintbrush (which I no longer use) and did some swatches of Zoyas 'Demi'. I started adding a bit of white and mixed Demi with White to get a sort of violet colour.
This is how it came out. I used Revlons 'Steel-Her Heart' as the base coat.

Hope you guys enjoyed the look and much as I loved painting it!

Keep Smiling :)


Pandora`s Box said...

Girl you have steady hands lol. You did a great job.They look lovely. Artistic indeed ;)

Meredith Jessica said...

Super cute, I could never do anything like this!

aMz88 said...

oh i want to try purple and white zebra soon :D very nice idea gurl ;)
my fave combo lol love it!

Lenara said...


im following you!

follow me if you like.

Artist by Design said...

@Pandora's Box- Thankyou :) I think being an artist comes in handy :)

@Meredith Jessica- Its really easy! You should try it sometime

@aMx88- thankyou :) youre too kind!!

@Lenara- Thankyou! Ill def stop by your blog too :) thanks for following

✪♜I.B.G.♜✪ said...

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SaMia said...

Wow! Love it <3

Artist by Design said...

Thanks for visiting IBG! I will make sure to stop by your blog too!

Thanks SaMia!

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