Friday, July 8, 2011

Minty Green on my nails..

So I had shown this colour I got from the FACESHOP.
To be honest, I dont like it at all. I had to apply around 3 coats to get a nice colour without the streaks. The brush is useless, it doesnt apply the nail colour very well.

I actually took this colour off straight away because I couldnt bear looking at it. Its not a very nice minty green and suprisingly it changes colour when you wash your hands (which is very odd).

Would I repurchase this/ or any nailpolishes from the FACESHOP? No

I would rate this product a 0/5


Pandora`s Box said...

emm...not a nice color. Maybe this will help
I`m craving some mint choc chip ice cream after seeing it lol

Artist by Design said...

ooo wow! awesome thanks for the link hehe. it was definitely a waste of money getting this colour :(

Meredith Jessica said...

A very fresh, summer color. Nice.

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