Saturday, July 23, 2011

Style an Outfit- Tunic Look

I fell in love with this tunic style dress and the quality of the dress is amazing! it flows really well.
It comes with an insert singlet, which looks silky and works really well with the dress.

It has gorgeous ruffles at the front. And you can see its not white its a very light cream

To style it with the dress, pair it with a denim vest it makes it look very chic and gives it more shape

I think the light colour of the denim works well with the dress.

I would pair this with an bronze/gold jewellery to really tie in the look together


Meredith Jessica said...

This is so boho chic and on trend! Lovely! Who knew a jean vest could look so pretty. Well, I guess you did, lol, but not me!

iheartmexoxo said...

That dress is beautiful....I want it now haha :)

Artist by Design said...

@ merideth- Thanks so much! Yeh I know, its something different yet it really works well with the dress :)

@iheartmexo- haha thanks :)

thanks both for stopping by :)

Fragancia said...

cute dress! love the necklace :)

Artist by Design said...

thanks :)

Aarthi said...

lovely :)

chandra said...

Wonderful and wobbly!
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Artist by Design said...

@ aarthi- thanks
@ chandra-yes definitely 'wobbly' and flowy!

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