Thursday, July 21, 2011

Style an Outfit- Summer Ruffles

I love this nice flowy dress because of its ruffles. I thought Id show you guys how I would accessorise this dress

I chose the necklace because I think it would go great (anythign with a long chain and a pendant would go well with the outfit because it already has quite a detailed top ie the ruffles you dont want to opt for chunky necklaces). However I wouldnt pair the necklace with the bangles ive chosen (as below) i would go for something simple, in the same colour theme as the necklace so vintage gold, black and silver.
I would not wear all of these pieces together but I wanted to show you what I think work well with the dress

The chunky floral bangle- definitely give the outfit a summery and feminine feel to it I would pair them with the gold/brown bangles you can see to the right
The floral ring- I would also wear the ring on the same hand as the bangles but be mindful dont over do it on one hand.

You can also wear some simple gold earrings but I wouldn't pair this with the necklace or the big floral bangle. Instead I would choose to stick to some nice basic gold bangles (like the ones above) and keep the outfit quite simple.

I think for the summer, some gladiator flats would be perfect to really tie the outfit in together. However if you are on the short side opt for soemthing that wont cut you off at the ankles because this might give the illusion that you are shorter than you acutally are. Try some wedges!

Have a great weekend :)

Keep Smiling :)


Meredith Jessica said...

Such a cute outfit, I would totally wear this!

Artist by Design said...

hehe thanks! I should wear it and show you how it looks!

Evil Nelly said...

such a pretty dress, would love to see you model it sometime :)
thanks for the follow, following u back :)


Artist by Design said...

thanks :) yes I will try to do an outfit of the day wearing it but I have trouble finding someone to take my photo!

Despina said...

wow,this dress has an amazing the jewelry too.i am following you cos i like your style and your blog.follow back if u want dear.

S▲N said...

Amazing outfit. I love the colours. I follow You now ;)

Artist by Design said...

@Despina- I love the colour thats why I chose it! I think it looks great on tan skin :). Thankyou for following, I will surely drop by!

@S(triangle)N- Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by and I will surely drop by too!

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