Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I went into THE FACE SHOP today, and picked up a few things. Im new to the shop and always found the products quite pricey so never really tried anything out.

So, I bought 2 facemasks and a Almond Hand Cream. They were actually having Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price, but unfortunately I didnt read the small print which said 'of  the same product line'.

This is the Almond Hand Cream which is absolutely fantastic. I have very dry hands and now that its winter, they get even more dry. And this caters exactly to my needs with such nice scent of Sweet Almond Oil as well as its enriching qualities.

Price- $12.50

This is a 'pearl' based face mask- $3.50

Love the packaging for this one. I actually used this as soon as I got home. It smells lovely and leaves skin really nice and soft.

Price- $3.50

Have any of you tried out products from the FACE SHOP? Do you recommend any?

Keep Smiling :)

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