Monday, June 27, 2011

SulfateFree L'Oreal Replenishing Hair Masque

I wanted to try something from the new sulfate-free LOreal range. I bought this a month back I think and I thought Id use it first before letting you guys know how it is.

It claims to strengthen and intensely repair your hair. I bought this one because I was gettin alot of hair fall due to breakage and thought maybe this would help.

As you can see I have used mostly all of it. I use it AFTER I have shampooed and conditioned. I leave it on for about 4-5 minutes then rinse it off.

The Effects: It definitely leaves my hair nice and soft and silky.

Does it do what it claims?: I dont think so to be honest. I continue to have breakages, it hasnt really 'repaired' my hair as it says it will. It just left my hair soft then would go back to normal.

Would I repurchase?: No

Rating: 2/5 stars

Keep Smiling :)


iheartmexoxo said...

great review have a go at trying the herbal essences beautiful ends mask it worked well for me.

Artist by Design said...

Yeh I have heard about that product. I might go try it out. Its def cheaper than this one.

Thanks for your comment :)

keep smiling

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