Friday, March 18, 2011

Hot Pink To Go

My New Handbag!


I got this GUESS handbag last year as a gift from my family, but I wasn't too happy with the colour, I prefer neutral bags like brown and black. However, I've been seeing a sudden trend to have a really bright handbag! So I have decided to pull this bag out and make use of it. I'm actually really liking the 'tough' look with the chain bag handles.

It's quiet spacious from inside, which is definitely a plus since I end up throwing in a lot of stuff in my bag rather than organising it in 'pockets'.

But note, I won't be pairing this bag with bright clothes, I will only pair it if im completely in blacks/greys/brown to give my outfit a 'pop' of colour!

Keep Smiling :)


Theresa said...

Bold colors are the talk of the Spring season! Looks like you're getting off to a fabulous start. Following back!

Artist by Design said...

thankyou :)

Hello Naka said...

im following back !! and i love ur bag the colour is so bright! and thanks for the visit ^^

Anya adores said...

Hot pink is wicked - go girl it will look fab. Love your blog, following you now, hope you follow back:)
Happy weekend.
A xx

Malisha said...

wow I LOVE!

Im on a hunt for a bright bag, this is a gorgeous pink!

Thanks for following.. am following you too :)

Malisha xx

Artist by Design said...

thankyou all! yes hot pink is super in this season :)

thanks all for visiting :) have a great week.

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