Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elephant Pendants

Like most of you know I am absolutely obsessed with anything elephant. I think they are the most gorgeous creatures! I am raising money for the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai with my paintings which you can see in the side bar. If you are interested in buying please leave a comment below.

Anyways, so these are some of the elephant necklaces I have, I absolutely love them.

Do you have any elephant jewellery?

keep smiling :)


Simply R1y4* said...

wow you have so many elephant pendants. My fav have to be the first and the last. They are so very unique looking, maybe you should do a jewellery haul =)

Artist by Design said...

haha thankyou! I would do a jewellery haul but I have too much stuff, maybe i'll split it up :)

thanks for visiting!

See said...

thanks for stopping by! I LOVE THE SECOND NECKLACE! can i ask where you bought it from? and you said that you were raising profits for Chiang mai ... you mean Chiang Mai, Thailand?! if so thats great?!?!?!!! thats where my parents are from :)


Artist by Design said...

thank you for your lovely comment! I got it from Diva (not sure if they have that store everywhere but a wonderful price friendly store). Yes Chiang Mai Thailand! Most beautiful place in the world! It's absolutely amazing!

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