Thursday, March 10, 2011

Books to get your skin looking fabulous

Everyone always wants the 'quick' fix to get great looking skin and most of the times we end up spending large amounts on skincare products. But what alot of us dont know is that beauty comes from within (like literally). If you don't have a good diet and are not exercising regularly chances are you will have acne prone, dull and irritated skin. Obviously some of this is genetic or are caused environmentally but alot has to do with what youre putting into your body. I can't say I am perfect but I have tried to change the way I perceive food, opting for more healthier options and I have to say I have never felt better!

These are the three books I turned to when I wanted to really give my body some TLC. And you may not get immediate results, but you will definitely notice changes to your mood, sleeping patterns and your overall wellbeing. Not only that, you will lose weight without even noticing!

Some tips to a healthier lifestyle:
  1. Never skip meals!
  2. Snack on nuts, fruit and salads if you are feeling peckish.
  3. Do not overeat (people don't realise when they are full, it takes an estimated 2 mins for the food to reach the stomach plus if  you overeat you will be stretching your stomach thus causes a bloated feeling)
  4. Want a treat? Opt for Soy Icecream or fat free substitutes.
  5. Artificial sweetners- this is the most dangerous of them all, people believe that if the decreased sugar (such as Coke Zero) it is ok to have, but these artificial sweetners can cause cancer! So beware!!
  6. Never give up- ok so youve had a few bad days and youre stressed and just want a tub of ice cream, never think that its 'too late' to go back into the healthy regime, everyday is a new day!
  7. Walk with confidence- alot of people lack inner confidence, and believe that clothes and other material things will make them 'happier' but this is only a 'moment' of happiness and after a while you wont even remember it. Try to be happy from the inside and happy with yourself, that way youll be confident with the way you are- shape, colour, form.
  8. Its ok to cry now and then- it is always good to let out emotions and not keep them bottled inside. This way you youre over and done with it and you can move on with  your life.
  9. Exercise- the more you exercise the better your metabolism will become so you can burn off food much faster without it storing as fat! You don't need to go all out- try to find your 30 minutes a day- it will make a huge differencei n the future.
  10. Bone density- as sad as it is, none of us can beat aging, its bound to happen but did you know that women's bone density begins to decrease at the age of 25! So stock up on calcium and make sure youre doing enough exercise to keep those bones healthy for your old age! No one wants a crippled 25 year old.
Do you have any other ways in which you like to keep healthy?

Keep Smiling :)


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