Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Travel Destinations: Egypt

The Land of the Pyramids

I thought I will share with all of you my favourite holiday destinations! So to begin this series of travel destinations, I'd like to start with EGYPT! One of my all time favourite places I have visited!

Travel Route
We started off at Cairo, the capital of Egypt and I have to say my first impressions were not that great. It was a bit dirty, and the climate was cold (I had packed for hot weather). Apparently, the day I landed was the 'one day of the year' when a sand storm hits! How  unlucky!

The next day we took a flight down to Luxor (you can see in the map), because we were about to embark on a cruise! Its a cruise which goes down the Nile to Aswan. Whilst stopping over to see monuments.

Then when we reached Aswan we did a 6hr trip to Abu Simbil (see photo below). We then took a flight back from Aswan to Cairo and completed our tour with after seeing the Pyramids.

Interesting Facts
I was really taken aback from the enormousity (if thats a word) from the pyramids. It was amazing, to think that people made this huge structure 5000 yrs ago without the current technology we have now. They used to use mud ramps to pull the heavy stones into place. The stones generally came from Aswan or Luxor, and were transported by the river, which used to run very close to the Pyramids.

Another interesting fact was that the Pyramids used to be covered in a layer of white limestone, so they used to shine in the sun. Unfortunately, later on people took it to make mosques, buildings etc.

Markets at Aswan!
Abu Simbil

Pyramids of Giza
Cruising down the Nile.


H Rija said...

neat - i never been to Egypt maybe next summer I should travel there & thanks for another amazing post!
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Simply R1y4* said...

It's always been my dream to visit Egypt. I hope i get a chance real soon. Great post hun =)

Artist by Design said...

Yeh its an amazing place! A must see for all :)

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