Friday, August 5, 2011


I've really been into coconut water for the past few weeks. I generally only drink coconut water straight from the coconut in asian countries. But when I found out that Nudie had brought out a new range of coconut water I had to give it  a try.

I dont know if you guys know how good coconut water is for  you. But I did some research to back up my own thoughts on how I think you should add it into your diet.

Health Benefits
Coconut water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help. Some of the wonderful health benefits of coconut water are:
  1. that it keeps the body cool and at the proper temperature
  2. it orally re-hydrates your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage
  3. it carries nutrients and oxygen cells
  4. it naturally replenishes  your body's fluids after exercising
  5. it raises your metabolism
  6. it promotes weight loss (great for FIMOJ)
  7. it boosts your immune system
  8. it detoxifies and fights viruses
  9. it cleanses your digestive tract
  10. it conotrols diabetes
  11. it aids your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes and AIDS
  12. it balances your PH and reduces the risk of cancer
  13. it treats the kidney and urethral stones
  14. it boosts poor circulation

I think after that you wont have any doubts in your mind whether coconut water is good for you! 

The Nudie range that I have tried is the 'straight up' which is pure coconut concentrate and the other one 'with lychee and lime'. The flavoured one is personally not so great, I didnt like the taste at all and as you can see I really tried to get through it but couldnt. However I posted the flavour for those who like options and who might not generally like the taste of the normal one.

I personally LOVE the taste of pure coconut water. Does it taste the same as the natural coconut water I hear you ask? I think its pretty damn close, there is that feeling that it is from a bottle BUT its what I have available and I think i can deal with it :).

I've posted some nutritional facts for you guys to check out!

Including coconut water in  my diet is one of the best things I have done. The nudie bottles can be a bit pricey ranging from $3-$4 for just 350mL. So my other option if you find price getting in the way of making an informed decision, is you can always choose those canned coconut water which is perfectly fine as well.

How it has helped my diet...
Ive been on FIMOJ again, and I want to try to shape up for the Summer and have been working hard at the gym and trying to keep a good diet (with some incentives). I think the coconut water has definitely been excellent as a replacement for fizzy drinks or even juice because its something that I really enjoy drinking!

What about coconut hair oil?....
Coconut has alot of beneficial qualities, and coconut hair oil is another wonderful thing to add to your routine. You can purchase coconut hair oil from any asian grocery/ supermarkets as well as the new emerging health stores. You apply is to your scalp 3 hours prior to washing. Best trick to remove oil from your hair efficiently is to apply shampoo before you wet your hair. This allows the shampoo to remove the oil without leaving your hair sticky after washing.

Hope you guys liked this post. Let me know what you think as well as if you have tried coconut water :)

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