Monday, August 29, 2011

Crimson Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Crimson red is definitely in this season (esp for those in the US). Since we're ending winter in Aus, I thought I'd do a nice crimson look. 

I'm going to be using the two reds at the bottom next to the purple, the watermelon red, the brown with the dent in it and the darkest purple for the edge and the white/gold for the highlight.

Start with your eyes primed  and cover the base with rimmels white eye pencil just to allow the colours to really pop.

I've put on Covergirl's Smokey Eye colour blast cream shadow (I did a post on it a few days ago). This allows the eye shadows to really stick to the eye (this is what I have noticed) and since I cant wear the shadow by itself I'm using it as a base. 

I added the watermelon red all over my eye but stopping just  before my eyebrow

Now I'm using a red on the crease to really bring in the colour, sweeping it all across and bringing it down the lower lash line

I don't have it on the other eye, so you can see the difference.

Adding the brown/ purple to the outer edge and bringing it down to bring depth to the eyes

This picture is taken with flash so I can show you the colour however be mindful that my colours dont look so bright in real life as you will notice in the end pictures.

I used the ecotools brushes 

I used: covergirls smokey eye shadow(purple), eco tools brushes, white rimmel eye pencil, revlon black eye pencil and elizabeth ardens mascara. 

I added a touch of gold to the inner corner and lining bottom and top line with black eyeliner. Coat your lashes in mascara. 

And you are done! Here is a beautiful crimson look for you to wear day/ night (depending on your application of the colours). I love this look as it looks great on tanned skin! 

Hope you guys enjoyed! 

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Meredith Jessica said...

What an 'on trend' fall look! Great tutorial as well, thanks for sharing :)

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