Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maybelline FIT concealer- Review

I was keen to try out this new (relatively) concealer by Maybelline. It's from their line 'FIT' which is supposed to be able to 'fit' your tone to make it look like you're not wearing any makeup at all.

I bought the shade 35 deep (which was the darkest available) because I have a tan to dark skin colour. 

Below I have posted a picture of my eyes before the colour and then with it. I honestly wasn't that happy about the product. Like most concealers, they don't cater to Indian skin (unless its an indian beauty brand). And by Indian skin i mean tan to dark skin like mine. The concealer was hard to work with and hard to blend. When blended it still looks 'white' and noticeable against my skin colour. However, after a while the concealer was less apparent as it set into my skin. Generally I would be apply some form of powder or foundation over the concealer to blend it in but I wanted to try it out as per how it was. 

I think this product is good for lighter coloured skin tones, it isnt that cheap (AUD $14) therefore I wouldn't be repurchasing it. 

Eyes before the concealer.

Took a photo in natural lighting but the brown-ness of the product wasnt showing through so I took a photo with the flash below and the colour is more close to real life. 

Colour against my skin


Under my eyes. 

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