Sunday, April 3, 2011

REVIEW: Evodia- Mango and pink grapefruit whipped body butter

The name of this product describes it perfectly. I saw it at a department store and tried out the tester. The smell is absolutely amazing! I got the mango and pink grapefruit flavour but it also has shea butter (which is great for dry skin!).

The BodyShop body butter vs Evodia

Normally Im used to having The BodyShops body butters and when you open the tub its usually not that thick and the scent only lingers for a few hrs. I have to apply quite a bit of the butter to be satisfied its covered me completely.

With Evodia, I was so amazed that the scent (which is absolutely amazing) stays on your skin until the next time you have a shower! Now isnt that something :). I don't even need to put on any perfume and I've had compliments about how nice I smell and all I have on is this product. When I opened the lid of the product for the first time it was like heaven. The product was filled up to the lid of the tub (not like other brands where it only comes 2/3s full) and when I dipped my finger into the butter it actually was like the title describde 'whipped', it is so creamy (I actually feel like eating it!).

Lasting Effects

I have to say that this is a great luxury body butter if you want to spoil yourself once in a while. It is great for dry skin (I have really dry skin, and living in such a dry and hot climate such as Australia makes it important to restore the moisture in my skin).

I would give this product a definite 5/5 stars!

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