Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let down products- John Frieda

So, I had done a blog post about this new shampoo/conditioner I had gotten a few weeks back. I had said that I will do a later review to actually see what I thought about these products. To be totally honest, these two products have been a complete let down. I wouldnt advise anyone to purchase these products because of the following:
  • My hair wasnt 'volumunious' as the product proclaims, it actually left my hair frizzy and very fluffy which I would have to straighten in the end.
  • I had really bad skin reactions to the product. Not only was my scalp getting dry and itchy, my skin was getting rashes because of the product. I know that it was from this product because this was the only change to my routine and after only 2 washes I could see the side effects.
  • My hair after around 8 washes has become dry and my fall out has increased two fold. I am now shedding more hair than I ever have (which is really sad :( ).
So in the end, I had to purchase another shampoo/ conditioner to compensate for the damage that these two products have caused my hair! I have also seen a few youtube videos which have had the same experience as me, so I am not alone.

Have you guys tried the product? What did you think?

Keep Smiling :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I kinda like frizz ease, but never tried this one there before. I usually use the one for curly hair

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