Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible

So my mum brought home this book and I absolutely love it. I know its for 'anti-ageing', and I'm only 22 but what better than to prevent those nasty wrinkles then to hide them :).

The book is 2011 and by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey.
I think the book is a must read- I absolutely loved it!

The book gives you their top pick products- which are available from stores near you! That is what I love abotu the book, it really connects with the audience.

The book also has quotes in between the sections, which really make it a lovely read!

A glimpse at the layout/information provided

This is a random photo from my window- it started raining whilst I was taking pictures of the book. I absolutely love this weather! And i love the smell of the first rain!

What are your fav beauty books?

Keep smiling :)


Anya adores said...

Looks like an awesome book - might have to look for that one on Amazon.com. Thanks for sharing :)
Have a great day.
A xx

Emma said...

Love Your Blog!! <3 -- XoXo Follow me Via blogroll.. Add my BLOG [ My Face Hunter - Fashion Blog ] in your list..i will add yours!!! thanks kisses!

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