Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Style an Outfit- Colour & Stripes

For this stylish look- keep reading!

Take any simple striped top (preferably black and white for this look).
Cotton On: $10

You can see that the sleeves have an added 'puff' which is not necessary.

Add a hot pink cardigan/ throw over/ jacket etc. This is really soft and the material is thin so definitely wearable for chilly days!
Target: $4

Bold Colours are definitely in right now!

Add a pair of black tights to the combo!

You can see at the back of the tights, there is an exposed zipper which gives the look an edgy feel to it.
Myer $10

Add a statement necklace
Diva: $20

I love the ribbon  in the neckalce- adds class to it and looks very chic!

Nearly there!

SHOES! You can go for flats/ heels anythin! I chose these heels which are my ultimate favourite because they go well with the tights.

To finish it off- this statement hot pink Guess bag!

Keep Smiling :)

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