Sunday, February 13, 2011

For long healthy hair...

So what more than to start my blog with talk about haircare products! This month I am loving, the macadamia hair care range. They have a few products, the ones I have tried are the leave-in conditioner and the macademia healing oil treatment.

First Impressions
At first, I didn't like the products because I didnt see immediate results. My hair had become dry and brittle due to using too many heating tools (ie straighteners and blowdryers). However, I kept using the Healing Oil Treatment and infrequently used the leave in conditioner. I felt the conditioner made my hair sticky and weighed down. BUT a plus point on these products was their FABULOUS smells! My hair smelt wonderful after washing and the scent of the products did not wear off!

After a few months
After using these two products for a few months now, I have to say I love them! My hair has definitely improved, it is much thicker and fuller. I have not had as much hairfall as I used to have (and some is obviously natural). I use the leave-in conditioner every other time I wash my hair and it has definitely improved the texture of my hair, leaving them soft and silky. My hair is now atleast 60cm's long and believe it or not easier to manage!

I would give these products 4 stars.

These products do help in nourishing the hair follicles from the outside in but the most important tip to having healthy hair is to maintain a healthy diet as well as exercising regularly AND drinking at least 2L's of water daily. It can be hard to do this at times, but rememeber every element counts and without one part of the equation missing you will not get the desired result!

Keep Smiling :)

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