Friday, February 18, 2011

Reduce Under Eye Dark Circles

Our eyes reveal so much about us that it is worth spending a little time each day to give them special attention.The stresses and strains of modern life- especially staring at the computer and television screens- can result in sore, puffy and tired eyes, but here are some recipes (tried and tested) to soothe and refresh, as well as reducing UEC otherwise known as the Case of the Under Eye Circles!

1. General Remedy- Sleep and Exercise

The best recipe for the eyes is of course to look after your general health. Remember, too, that eyes need rest. Exercise can help alleviate puffiness, while sleep and a balanced diet of fresh and whole foods will be good for your eyes and for your general well-being. Drinks lots of waters (preferably 2Ls), and avoid salt and caffeine.

I only recently started exercising regularly and I can definitely say it has improved my sleeping habits immensely. I was a very light sleeper and often only managed a few hours each night, but after my exercising routine I am able to fall asleep quickly and only wake up in the morning. It is hard to begin exercise straight away if youre not used to it, my advice would be to start slowly and then slowly build it up, maybe try yoga.

2. Relieving tired eyes
If your eyes feel tired or have bags under them try lying back, closing your eyes and applying one of the following:

dry, sore eyes: cotton wool pads soaked in aloe vera juice.
hot, sore eyes: slices of cooling cucumber
puffy eyes: slices of potato
tired eyes: chamomile teabags, as well as green tea, hazel, calendula and elderflower.

2. Eye baths

Tired or strained eyes can be soothed by being bathed in herbal infusions. The skin around the eye is especially delicate. Therefore eyes can benefit from bathing, but make sure your hands are washed and that any equipment you use is free from dirty of contamination.

herbs for eye baths: rose petals
strained eyes: eyebright and chamomile
conjunctivits: eyebright and marigold

If you would like a step by step preparation of such an infusion leave a comment below!

3. Products tested and tried.

I have tried and tested alot of products. The following are ones I found especially useful:

It is a collagen mask especially made for under the eye. I leave them on for around 20 mins. Your eyes instantly feel fresh and less tired. It is a great temporary fix!

 This is the eye gel I am using at the moment, and it works great. My eyes get tired quickly with the use of contacts but after applying this gel, they feel very refreshed! But like I said before these products are just TEMPORARY! If you want to get rid of dark circles you need to do it from within!

4. Concealer

There is a quick and easy way to hide those UEC's, which is the beauty of a concealer. Make sure you go for the right tone for your circles, either a reddish or bluish tone. Stila concealer is a beauty, I have been using this product for 2 years!

Hope you enjoyed this summary of how to reduce UEC!

If you would like any more information, please leave a comment below!

keep smiling :)


my beautiful life* said...

I'll be sure to try some of your advice on my own under eye circles ! With school and work I look like a tired owl recently =x

Artist by Design said...

haha yeh it happens when life becomes busy! remember to keep a healthy diet as well and decrease salts! Let me know how it goes :)

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