Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Hibiscus"- My Painting

This is the first painting,  "Hibiscus" ,in my installation in my "Artist for a Cause". I was inspired by the flowers in my garden. This was the first painting I did, using paint straight on canvas without sketching it. I find the beauty of nature is incredible, if you sit and observe a flower you would know what I mean. Sometimes I feel in our fast paced life we forget the very essence of nature, its smell, its feel, its sight. People should take time out of their hectic life to appreciate all that is around them.

As I said in my first blog post, the main outcome for this blog is to promote my artwork and raise awareness for different charities and organisations. Since I am only just starting off, I will be donating 10%-15% of the money earned from my paintings to the charities. The charities may vary depending on where attention is needed most, such as the NZ Quakes or Queensland floods. However, my main two charities will be an orphanage/medical facility in India and the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

If you are an interested buyer, please let me know in the comment box below. Any support will be much appreciated :).

These paintings are completely done by me- start to finish- and all the paints, canvas, brushes, primers and tools were bought by me. This is an original piece made by me and may not be reproduced and sold illegally for any purpose.


H Rija said...

Wow... you painted this all by yourself!!
I am extremely speechless and I will sure pass this message on to my friends, my family and also to my followers!

Artist by Design said...

Thankyou! Yes I painted it :)

Yes please pass on the message to anyone who you think will be interested. I am going to start my own website to sell these paintings. So once that is up and running I will let you know!

Keep smiling :)

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