Monday, February 28, 2011

Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner

Sorry for the blurry photos, my camera just wouldnt focus!

So on a shopping expedition I saw this liner and thought I should I try it out!

First Impressions
I had always had the pencil or wet liners but never tried applying liner with a brush. So I was quite excited at the prospect of trying this out. I loved the packaging because it looked very classy.

A few strokes later...
I first used it out on a night out and I have to say I wasnt completely impressed. It was quite smudgy and not a precise application like a pen-liner. I guess practice makes perfect?

Cons -
One thing I found was that if I was in a rush (like I usually am for Uni) I couldn't manage to line my eyes properly because I had to keep picking up product which was time consuming but like I said practice makes perfect!

Pros +
It does allow you to vary the degree of intensity when lining your eyes.

I would rate this a 3.5/5 stars!

Keep smiling :)


Simply R1y4* said...

Yea I like this gel liner to an extent... i do use this for regular use but i notice that over time it starts to dry up alot. It's really black so thats a plus point. Nice blog hun
from your latest follower =)

Artist by Design said...

Yeh it does dry up! I think I'll be going back to my usual liners.
Thanks for the comment, I am now following you!

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